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Act of Courage

Much has been written and history is replete with writings on communism, socialism and fascism, as they relate to the power of the "state" versus the rights of the individual. Many writers try to connect the dots between historical events that occurred in the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries as freedom evolved from serfdom, to the inalienable rights of the individual. It gets very complicated and many people have difficulty putting it all together to arrive at any meaningful conclusions. I believe very strongly in simplicity and in simplicity, the conclusions are unimpeachable. We are free because of our Constitution.

But we can learn from the History of the United States under a Constitutional Republic, not the failed histories of governments that have come and gone before and after we were born. America is totally unique as compared to any form of government that was ever devised by man. Under the inalienable rights of the individual as endowed by our creator, under free markets and under capitalism we became the most creative, productive, ingenuous, imaginative and generous group of individuals that ever walked the face of this Earth in 2 and one quarter centuries. Our immense military power, productivity and human sacrifice won two world wars and over a billion people are free today because of that power and that sacrifice. Our farmers, farms and fields feed a good portion of the World. Other countries build on or copy our ingenuity, technology and productivity. We should be proud of this achievement, not hang our heads in embarrassment because we have shown the rest of the world what can be done when individuals think, walk and talk free.

We have allowed our government representatives, bureaucracies and administrators to bow to the will of the one-world-order, sold to us by one of the most corrupt organizations that was ever assembled in our 5,000-year civilized history, the United Nations. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed "their" socialist and radical environmental agendas to pervade our lives, usurp our rights and trash our Constitutions. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed the infiltration of these agendas into our national culture. We apologize for our greatness to the rest of the World. We have buried our well-deserved national pride in our attempts to seek approval from other countries with failed and corrupt governments. We have capitulated to their whims when they don't like our policies of freedom for every corner of the world because we know that freedom leads to self-reliance, productivity and peace. Internally, we have turned our balance of power designed by our Founding Fathers in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government on its head and allowed un-elected bureaucrats to make our laws. And they make law, after law, after law until we are sick of laws and end up becoming lawless. Through these laws they take our land, our money and our rights as individual Americans and we have let them do it.

America needs to be the leader and the shining light to the World, not try to compete with the different forms of government and merge our "ways" with their "ways". We are the most powerful country on Earth because we are free. America is and has been a beacon to the world and will continue to be that beacon unless we let others try to dim that light with failed policies, negativism, despondency, the trashing of our Constitution and embarrassment for our achievements, instead of being proud of them. We are great as a country and great as a people because of those achievements.

The hard and simple fact is that the reason we are productive, creative, ingenuous, imaginative and reasonably happy is because we are FREE. And the reason we are FREE is because we have laid down a system of government where individuals have inalienable rights and it is the government's absolute duty and responsibility to preserve, protect and defend those rights under a strongly defended Constitution. Our government and its three branches, federal, state and local, have failed miserably in that responsibility and duty and it is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE, to put our government back on the right track. To do otherwise is to invite and encourage our own enslavement. But such a path is fraught with sacrifice, as our government is all-powerful. If we are not willing, on a large scale, to make that sacrifice, our future as free men, women and children will drown in the deep chasm and mediocrity of abject socialism, radical environmentalism and yes, perhaps even fascism. Any semblance of constitutional protections will become a fading memory for our children and grand children and today's WE THE PEOPLE will be responsible for our demise because we did not act, or acted too late.

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Government has an "Implied License" to come on your land anytime they feel like it. You can REVOKE that "Implied License" with our "Revocation" No Trespass Sign.

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"If you won't hold government accountable, it will do whatever it pleases and it is."

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