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about the

USDA Farm Survey

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Government intrustion into our lives grows more each day. We have had to put up with their massive data mining through the 10-year census forms and now they are demanding to know everything about our farms and ranches as well. It never stops. We were first alerted to this intrusion on our privacy and threatening survey, when we received the following e-mail from one of our members:


Are you aware of a USDA National Agricultural Classification Survey (NACS).

I received a letter from the USDA which begins with:

"The USDA is interested in all agricultural activity in the United States. You have been identified as someone who may have some agricultural activity."

In the center is a boxed and bold type statement that: "The National Agricultural Classification Survey (NACS) is required by law. If you do not reply, you may be personally visted or you may receive a telephone call"

I have five acres which I mow three and my total farming activity is four laying hens, two mason bee blocks and a garden. This activity qualifies me to fill out four pages of forms.

There are four qualifying questions. Answering yes to any question you must fill out the form.
1. Did you have any agricultural revenue (NO)
2. Did you own, rent, or operate cropland, pastureland, or land with the potential for agricultural production. (Yes I could rent pasture)
3. Did you have or sell any type of livestock , including equine, poultry or fowl, bees, or aquaculture. (Yes I have four Chickens and two Mason bee blocks )
4. Did you receive any Federal or State Agricultural payments (NO)

The form number is OMB 0535-0226

The form asks about internet access, the race, gender of owners operators.

Because this form clearly should not apply to me (or anyone for that matter) how the hell was I identified?

So we decided to investigate. Below are links to the law about the survey and other information you should consult before filling out the survey.

THE LAW: Census of Agriculture Act of 1997

Public Law 105-113 regarding the USDA Farm Survey

Frequently Asked Questions about the USDA Farm Survey

An interesting and relevant letter from the Survival Blog on the survey:

As you can see, if you read the law, the penalties for not responding to the survey, or making false statements on the survey, are the same as the penalties for not responding to the Census. Under the constitution, you have no obligation to the survey, other than to insert your name and your address. If you throw the survey away and the USDA shows up on your doorstep, you can tell the person that you are not obligated to provide anything other than your name. Be firm! They will go away. As in the Census, the government does not levy penalties for not responding. It is a threat that the government seldom if ever follows through on.


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