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"A Mandate"
We The People

To The American Government
Local, State and Federal

The Mandate=

PREFACE: For far too long government, at all levels, has turned what was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic and Federalism into the land of oppression, restrictions, regulations, laws, legislation and bureaucratic rules. There is a rule for everything and for everything there is a rule. The Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to even more laws, rules and restrictions, many of which were more about control of the masses than about security, safety, or public health, much less freedom. Those laws, rules, restrictions and regulations created to fight the pandemic needlessly threw millions of American out of work and closed tens of thousands of businesses, never to open again. During and after the epidemic, government became even more oppressive. In the interest of instituting absolute power and one-party rule socialist Democrats have turned on the people with a vengeance and have become the enemy of the people with their unconstitutional efforts to dismantle our Republican form of government and turn it into an alleged socialist utopia.

It is way past time for the people to turn on their government and issue demands upon them in the interest of preserving liberty and the Republic for which we stand.

To that end, “We The People” make the following demands upon government, at every level, as well as a warning of the outcome if these demands are ignored or not met.

You will find the rest of the 4-page Mandate in PDF format, HERE.

Print out "The Mandate", check off the boxes of issues you care about, add your state and personal code at the bottom of the 4th page, then mail or fax it to the President, your state legislators and/or members of the U. S. Congress. Those politicians that receive your Mandate won't know who you are. For all intents and purposes, you will be anonymous, except for the state you live in.

If you would like to receive a WORD version of The Mandate, e-mail your request to us at:

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The more patriotic Americans that do this,
the greater the impact it will have!

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With Joe Biden as president and Democrats in charge
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A Video on the clear distinction between liberalism and conservatism



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