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Ron Ewart President
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Mr. Ewart, author, pilot, inventor, musician, poet and businessman, has 30 plus years experience in all phases of real estate and has authored several books and hundreds of articles on related and unrelated subjects. He was seven years with a metropolitan Chamber of Commerce as a Director and Vice President, giving him the opportunity to speak many times on pressing issues, as well as on government and business topics. He served one year as Chairman of a suburban city's planning commission. His extensive experience in real estate and business has given him a unique perspective on the affects of government regulations on almost every American. Mr. Ewart was also awarded the coveted Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge's George Washington Honor Medal for Journalism. Many of Ron's frequent writings have found their way into the national media and appear on many national venues, websites, blogs, forums and chat rooms. His e-mail messages reach thousands, almost every day and are forwarded to thousands more.

Ron has given speeches to groups and conferences all around the country. He has appeared on numerous radio programs and has been a guest host as well. Ron is well versed in a wide range of issues that affect all Americans, especially rural Americans. He writes and speaks to a conservative audience.


1. "Government vs. the Beleaguered Landowner"
2. "Can Property Rights and a Constitutional Republic Survive in Today's Complicated World"
3. "Freedom vs. the Growth of Government"
4. "As Long As the Door Is Open, They Will Come" (illegal immigration)
5. "Perspectives on America"
6. "Plight of the American Rural Landowner"
7. "It's Always About Power and Never About Principle"
8. "The Damage Done by Washington State's Growth Management Act"
9. "How Can 3.4% x 3.62% x 2% Equal Global Warming"

To review hundreds of Ron's articles, click HERE.

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Mr. Ewart has appeared many times on the following radio shows:

The Power Hour, (once with Joyce Riley and once with Daniel Brigman)
The Chuck Wilder "Talk Back Live" Show - (over 40 appearances)
The Phillip Waite Show
The Jeff Bennett Show (Perspectives on America)
The Phil Waite "Town Hall" Show
The Dan Del Campo "Sound Off" Show
The Byron Dale Radio Talk Show
The Clayton Douglas Radio Show
The Maggie Rodin show
The Alan Colmes Talk Show (over 600 syndicated radio stations across America)
The Tamara Scott "Truth For Our Times" show

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Here are a few comments in response to Ron's articles and speeches:

Sir, I have been enlightened and informed by your writings and I appreciate all the great strides you continue to take to keep "us" informed. Please keep up the excellent analysis and forthwith examples for all American's to follow...if they only would!

Ron, this was one of the finest, most positive, uplifting pieces of linguistic art I've encountered in many of a year. Would that all Americans could read it. My sincere thanks...

This is one of the most positive, uplifting commentaries that I have read in a very long time. You've said it all; there's nothing left to be said. Thank you for reminding us all of what is truly important to hold on to as citizens of the United States of America.

Bravo! Spoken like a true Patriot Mr. Ewart. You get em Brother, tell it like it is. This is a wonderfully thought out missive, I am saving this to my Totally Awesome folder so I can be inspired when needs be. Thank you Mr. Ewart for being such a great American, you inspire and enlighten me.

To read more comments on Ron's articles and speeches, click HERE.

If you want to be inspired as an American and as the above people were, you owe it to yourself to hear one of Ronís speeches.

If you would like Ron to give a speech to your group,
or at your conference,
you may contact Mr. Ewart as follows:

By Telephone
1 800 682-7848

or by e-mail at:

Or write to:

Ron Ewart
P. O. Box 1031
Issaquah, WA 98027

No, there is no way we can do this for free. The demands on our time are just too great.

We charge speaking fees as follows:

50 person minimum - Speech time at least 45-minutes to one hour with 15 minutes for questions.

50 to 99 attendees, registered or unregistered: $1,000.00
100 and up, registered or unregistered: $2,500.00

Plus expenses for airfare, ground transportation, lodging and meals:

Our speaking fees are much lower than what other known speakers charge for a one hour speech, according to industry speaking-fee norms. We can reduce expenses if someone in the group would provide transportation to and from the airport and provide overnight lodging in their home.

One half of the speaking fee is due at scheduling and the other half due on arrival. Airline tickets are to be sent 10 days prior to departure. Hotel reservations are to be made in advance in our name and available on arrival. Ground transportation and meals are to be refunded immediately upon presentation of valid receipts to the purveyor responsible for the meeting or conference.

If for any reason we cannot make the speech on the date scheduled, all advanced fees collected, or airline tickets and expenses received, will be refunded in full.

We are now scheduling speaking engagements for 2019.

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