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20 Documents for Freedom

How to go on the offense with government agents and government actions and how to be prepared when they come on your property. The "STAR Offense Strategy" comes with a whole host of resource material to use in being an activist for freedom and protecting your rights as a sovereign American citizen. It even includes a survey that can help to unite Democrats and Republicans on common ground. Whether you are an individual or represent a Tea Party or freedom group, the S-O-S Kit is invaluable.


What's In the

"STAR Offense Strategy"
The S-O-S Kit

In any battle a general must have men, materials, money and a strategy to prosecute a war. These are his tools of war and without them, to enter into battle is suidical. The “Star Offense Strategy” (or S-O-S Kit) contains the tools of a freedom fighter's war and it comes with the following 20 documents and resource material. These documents are powerful and useful for those who care about their country, as well as their individual rights and their freedom.

1. An article entitled: “The Abdication of American Individuality!”
2. A Public Servant Questionnaire, a powerful document to use when government agents come on your property.
3. A copy of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.
4. Important Constitutional questions to ask your politicians about the Constitution and law in America.
5. Warning to the President and the Congress to STOP THE MADNESS!.
6. A “Declaration of Individual Independence and Reaffirmation of American Constitutional Sovereignty”, a citizen's petition.
7. A Notice to Any and All Government Agents, also to be used when government agents come on your property, or knock on your front door.
8. A Citizen's Petition to repeal Obama Care.
9. A Citizen's Petition to repeal the Endangered Species Act.
10. A Citizen's Petition to dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency.
11. A comprehensive survey that is designed to help to unite Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and Republicans as Americans first.
12. Defeating the Delphi Technique.
13. How to fight back against Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.
14. How to challenge Administrative Rules.
15. An American's Agenda 21 story.
16. A resource page filled with important information for all Americans, urban or rural.
17. Our booklet entitled "Returning America To A Constitutional Republic"
18. 18 Principles for America
19. "If We Do Not Organize" a warning!
20. A citizen's petition requesting your city or county cancel its membership in the United Nations Organization known as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives or ICLEI. This organization promotes United Nations Agenda 21, Smart Growth and Sustainable Development policies in America. These policies are anti-american and trample all over constitutionally protect property rights. If you want to find out if your city is a member of ICLEI click HERE

In our considerable efforts to help save the Republic, we have come up with this one solution to help you and your family, as well as a Tea Party or freedom group, in the fight against our domestic enemies. The kit gives you the tools to unite more Americans and empower you and them to fight back against those who manufactured this man-made storm that threatens to take away our freedom, dissolve our sovereignty, repeal the constitution and eliminate the promise of our Declaration of Independence forever, the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America.

No! The S-O-S Kit is not a panacea that will solve all of our problems. It is only one of many tools that allow those that care about their country to make an attempt to shore up the hull of our "ship" and keep the angry sea from rushing in and taking us to the bottom.

Once again, the hard truth is, if we as Americans do not pull our heads out of the sweet, tantalizing, hypnotic aroma of self absorption and join each other as Americans first in this fight to keep the Good Ship America afloat, she will break apart, implode, expel gases and gurgle in a death rattle on her way to eternity on the floor of the sea that is the final resting place for the bones of failed men, failed ships ..... and failed nations.

You can receive the above listed documents in the S-O-S Kit either by
or included on a 2-gigabyte Flash Drive sent by U. S. Mail, at your discretion.

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Be sure to check out our introduction video to “The NARLO Offense”, a powerful technique for fighting local, state or the federal government without having to hire a lawyer. The video is available HERE

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