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Ron Ewart, is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO), established in 2006, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for landowners. It has members from almost every state in America. Mr. Ewart, author, pilot, inventor, musician, poet and businessman, has 30 plus years experience in all phases of real estate and has authored several books and hundreds of articles on related and unrelated subjects. He was seven years with a metropolitan Chamber of Commerce as a Director and Vice President, giving him the opportunity to speak many times on behalf of landowners, as well as on government and business topics. He served one year as Chairman of a suburban city's planning commission. His extensive experience in real estate and business has given him a unique perspective on the affects of government and draconian environmental land use regulations facing landowners.

Mr. Ewart was also awarded the coveted Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge's George Washington Honor Medal for Journalism. He has authored the following titles: "The Dimming Light of Freedom", "Returning America to a Constitutional Republic", "Do You Truly Believe in Freedom", and "Stare Deep Into the Cosmos", plus numerous essays, articles and letters to the editor. Many of Ron's frequent writings have found their way into the national media and appear on many national venues, websites, blogs, forums and chat rooms. His e-mail messages reach thousands, almost every day and are forwarded to thousands more. He has appeared as a guest on many national radio talk shows.

The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) is a powerful organization, dedicated to preserve, protect and defend the property rights and interests of rural landowners. The organization is well known in almost every corner of America. Rural landowners are being asked to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection, while their city brethren get off virtually scot-free, and yet rural landowners are disenfranchised from the political process. NARLO's goal is to be an advocate for the American urban and rural landowners. Thousands of NARLO's powerful, legally intimidating No Trespassing signs have been mounted on many hundreds of rural properties in almost every state in the U. S.

NARLO was one of the national co-sponsors of the March on Washington DC on September 12, 2009. As a result NARLO was featured on the Rachel Maddow show the day before the March and Ron appeared for one half hour on the nationally syndicated Alan Colmes radio show, following Dr. Ron Paul. Although both of these appearances were generally hostile, they poll vaulted NARLO into the National spot light. NARLO's website hits went from an average of 3,00 to 4,000 per day to just shy of 70,000 hits in one day following Rachel Maddow's segment, followed by over 40,000 hits the day of the March.

NARLO's "hot" button issues are: constitutional property rights, eminent domain abuse by government, the spread of radical environmentalism, rampant illegal immigration, the rapid advance of socialism and the attempts to merge America into the one-world-order, all of which affect property rights in one form or another.


Back in April of 2004 I had a long conversation with Henry Lamb of Sovereignty International. Henry was well known in American freedom circles. I had an interest in starting a national organization for freedom, liberty and property rights. Henry's consul was that many have tried and all have failed. He said I would be lucky to even keep the lights on. Based on what he said, I all but gave up on the idea. I threw out my paper files and purged my hard drive.

Just one week later I discovered that the county I live in, that includes the city of Seattle, was proposing a critical areas ordinance for the rural areas of the county. One of the more onerous provisions of the ordinance was that if you wanted to do anything on your property, you know like build a home, or even a fence, you would have to reserve off 65% of your land as open space and you couldn't do anything on it. Purportedly the 65% set aside was for aquifer recharge, wetland preservation and the protection of animal habitat, a clear government purpose for ALL of the people.

What became readily apparent was that these ordinances fell disproportionately on rural landowners in the county, while the city folk got off virtually scot-free. In fact the city folk were all for it. They even had the audacity to call our rural lands "their" lands, as if they had every right to restrict it to protect "their" environment. Upon further research it became evident that rural landowners all across America were being asked to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection. Not only is that not fair, it is un-American and is a direct violation of the equal protection clause of the U. S. Constitution, not to mention the 5th Amendment that requires due process and just compensation for government takings.

From these observations the National Association of Rural Landowners was incorporated on January 1, 2006. Since then, we have made some significant progress in reaching out to both rural landowners and the city folk alike. Our messages are now reaching into every corner of America and Canada. We even get responses from England, Australia and New Zealand and Russia, with a few other countries thrown in for good measure. Our website is viewed by citizens from all over the world.

NARLO LIMITED LLC a for-profit Washington Corporation, was formed in March of 2011 as an affliiate in support of the National Association of Rural Landowners and other freedom and liberty activities conducted by the principals.

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