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America Is Headed for A Revolution

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During the days of the American Revolution, one man stood out among many others. Not because he was a general, war hero, or a politician. He was a writer. This man was Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine

He wrote many pamphlets about freedom and liberty and they found their way into the hands of not only the common man, but generals as well. One such general was George Washington. On the night before George Washington led his troops across an ice-jammed river into a British encampment, in which defeat was all but assured, General Washington read Thomas Paine's inspirational words to his troops to ready them for battle. Did those words turn the tide of battle to victory? Perhaps.

Somehow a large portion of this country including academia and many liberals have been lulled (or bought) into the belief that the federal government was instituted as the champion of the common man, or the little people, or the poor, or the downtrodden, or those without health insurance, or worse, the environmentalist. What this position shows is a negligently myopic and naive view of the U. S. Constitution. The U. S. Constitution makes no mention of providing welfare to individuals and in the early days of our Republic, such an idea was thwarted every time it arose, that is until the early 20th Century when progressives discovered they could buy votes by promising “goodies” from the public treasury.

This book's over 240 pages, including many color images, is a collection of ideas and thoughts that the author has had over the last several decades, based on empirical knowledge, experiences and observations. It is arranged under six sections that describe why we are headed for a revolution, why we are an exceptional country, some of the great challenges we face as a nation, some possible answers to those challenges, reasons for why there is still hope for America and finally, a road map to freedom that answers the question in the title ….. UNLESS?


The reader can choose to read the book in the order it is written, or they are free to jump around to the different chapters in each section, should the title to a particular chapter pique their interest. It is possible that there may appear some occasional repeats of similar wording, but those occasions should be infrequent.

From the "Perfect Storm" chapter:

"It is written that when seas are calm, it is easy to forget the approaching storm. But wise men know that a storm is just over the horizon and we must always be prepared for its arrival. When food is plentiful, the thought of hunger never enters our minds and we ignore the lessons that history has taught us at our own peril. When clean, clear water flows continuously from the fountain, thirst and drought fade into the dark recesses of a distant memory, not remembering that if evil holds title to the valve that directs the water to the fountain, evil can turn off the valve."

"If we do not train for battle, we are weak when an enemy knocks on our door. The enemy has knocked on freedom's door and is breaking it down. But the enemy is not a foreign enemy that has knocked on our door, it is an enemy within. It is the traitors that walk the halls of government as one of us, but meets secretly in the night with their co-conspirators to plot our overthrow and the destruction of our institutions of freedom."

"Today, in the Alice-in-Wonderland world of Obama and the Clintons, unsatisfactory conditions exist, extreme injustices abound, the attack on our freedoms continues unabated and a series of unconstitutional events and actions by Obama and the Clintons and their minions, have set the stage for a Perfect Storm. Or could it be that they have struck a match to a tinder dry forest? Because you see, when a 'forest fire' is lit, there is no telling which way it will go. It depends on the 'wind', the 'fuel load' and the 'humidity'. But our crystal ball tells us that the 'wind' is about to blow real hard, the 'fuel load' is huge and the 'humidity' is dropping rapidly. It just takes the right 'match', a lightning strike, or spontaneous combustion. The question is, what (or who) will set it off?"

"It is the approaching tempest, the perfect storm, or a wind-driven forest fire that will catalyze true Americans into action and they will arise by the millions. They will mutiny against their illegal captain and first mates and take over the U. S. S. America and steer her to calmer waters, where the principles of freedom and liberty make up the unbreakable timbers of her keel, where the characteristics of honor, integrity and honesty will be the strong members of her hull, where the foundation of law under our constitution will be her decking, where proud people will fill her hold and man the wheel and where the song of freedom fills her sails, as she explores the uncharted waters of her enlightened destiny, as the beacon of hope for the entire world, under a proudly waving American flag."

The thread of historical wisdom, political insight and prophetic vision is woven throughout the book and is more than can be found in many other books on the issue of where America is headed, if it stays on its current course. The book represents over 10 years of study and research by the author into the foundations of our freedoms and how that foundation has been perverted by a socialist, anti-freedom ideology.

The entire Book comes on a USB 2.0 Flash Drive and all relevant sections can be uploaded to your computer or Ipad from the Flash Drive to its own directory and then the Flash Drive can be used for other purposes, like back-up files, data storage, or data transfers from computer to computer. By reading the sections from your computer the links will be "hot", that is if you are connected to the Internet. If you were reading a regular book, the links would not be "hot" and you would have to copy the individual links into your browser to check them out.


In this book we don't pull any punches. We write what many others are afraid to write. We say what others don’t have the courage to say, in a climate of fear that has made “politically correct” a retreat for cowards. In the end, it is up to the reader to determine for him or herself whether we have the best interests of a free America and the individual rights of all Americans, at heart. Each reader of what we write has the option to accept or reject our arguments, premises, or opinions. It is their right to make that judgment but it is not up to us to care one way or another, which way they decide. Because, in a free society, it is the fearless expression of ideas, whether benign or controversial, that stirs the pot of free thought and gives it life, as well as advancing the principles of liberty. If the reader is offended by what we write, it is their issue to resolve, not ours."

You can read many positive comments about Ron's work HERE.

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America Is Headed For Revolution ..... Unless?
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