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When the News Looks Like This
News Media Conspiracy
It's Time To Boycott the News

The News Media, TV, Radio and Print, for far too long, have been corrupted by Progressivism. Most news outlets are owned by Progressive-leaning billionaires who control content, format and presentation. Most journalists have been schooled in all aspects of Progressivism in college and their reporting reflects that schooling. Most news stories are opinion, not actual news. Actual news has been funneled down to what the President of America is or isn't doing. There is no longer a broad reporting of local, state, national, or global news.

We are proposing that millions of Americans refrain from watching all NATIONAL news for three separate weeks in 2017, starting with the first weeks of April, July and October. If it catches on, we just might be able to un-corrupt the news upon which all of us depend.

Our demands of the news media are simple:

1. More accurate reporting of the news, free of political bias.
2. Broader reporting of national and international news.
3. Much less opinion and analysis in the news.

For God's sake, let the viewers, readers and listeners decide for themselves on how to process the news. Why do we need endless pundits telling us what the news is?

Here is our calendar for the News Boycott
in April, July and October.

News Blackout

Let us know if you will join us by sending us an e-mail at:

Participating in the national boycott
won't cost you a single penny
but has no chance of success unless millions participate.

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For best results, do all three.

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