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"An Essay On Land Patents"
by Augustus Blackstone

"Land Patents, Understanding How They Work"
by Team Law

"A Fascinating Read On Land Patents,
Taxes and Money Issues"

by Law Notes

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Land Patent consultant, Ruth Bennett, offers her services for a reasonable sum to help you update the original Land Patent already existing on your land. Federal land patents exist in every State, with the exception of the original Thirteen Colonies, Texas and Hawaii. If your State is not covered by a Federal patent, it most likely is covered by a State patent.

Ruth, who has over four decades of experience working with attorneys, lives in Tenino, Washington and can be reached at (360) 264-2083 or She explains the procedure of updating a Land Patent, answers your questions, and prepares all the documents you will need to accomplish this. In most instances, a copy of your Deed and Survey or plat map are the only documents needed from you.

During these troubling times with rampant deception, corruption and bureaucracy facing land owners today, together with decades of ignorance through misinformation, it is no wonder our lands are being stolen and our lives turned upside down, To become the Sovereigns we already are but don't know it, we have to make a stand--enough is enough!

With the equity courts that now prevail, land owners' rights have been trampled on, since equity courts have NO jurisdiction over Land Patents; therefore, the courts merely ignore them and trap you with their codes and regulations.

We are in the process of having our country returned back to a Constitutional Republic. Once that is accomplished, the Rule of Law will apply and Common Law will be restored--remember, Land Patents come under Common Law jurisdiction.

Don't wait--Be Sovereign Now and protect your Land with a Land Patent--the Highest Title to Land in the Country, according to the United States Supreme Court.

Check out
NARLO's Powerful, Legally
No Trespassing
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No Trespassing Sign

Thousands of these huge 18" x 24" aluminum signs have been installed on urban and rural land all over America and they have proven to be a significant deterrent against trespass by government agents and other would-be intruders. Determine for yourself by clicking on the above image.

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Rural Landowner
Is now available
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Rural Landowner Handbook

If you hope to protect yourself against government abuse, no rural landowner should be without this vital resource.

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