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Impeach Loretta Lynch


At a United Nations meeting on September 29, 2015, U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the "Strong Cities Network" as a cooperative effort between the U. S. Department of Justice and the United Nations to stamp out extremist activities in American cities by coordination of American cities with other international cities. Some have interpreted the UN "Strong Cities Network" to be a prelude to a global police force. You can read her speech at this link:

Loretta Lynch Speech at the UN"

In that speech she proposes globalist initiatives that would bypass Congress, not to mention the U. S. Constitution. Her definition of "extremist activities" or "violent extremism" could include millions of patriotic Americans who don't like where the country is headed. The list, probably taken from the Southern Poverty Law Center website, would include people who believe in the 2nd Amendment, returning veterans, people who believe in marriage between a man and a woman, people who are religious, especially Christians, people who are against illegal immigration, open borders and sanctuary cities, people who are scared to death of radical Islam and the Muslim religion, for good reason, and others who have been tagged as racist, or homophobic by liberals.

Ms. Lynch should have never been confirmed as U. S. Attorney General, but thanks to that wimp Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who convinced a couple of Republicans to vote with all the Democrats, she was.

(See Article by Andrew McCarthy in the National Review on April 25, 2015 entitled: "Voting to confirm an attorney general who wonít uphold the Constitution isnít a way to inspire confidence among conservatives")

Ms. Lynch is the top law enforcement officer of the United States of America. She is not an emissary for the United Nations who has authority to implement international law in America. Her speech and her actions are in direct violation of her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. From this author's perspective and many others, it is an impeachable offense.

To that end we have drafted a Resolution of Impeachment that appears below. A printable PDF version of the Resolution can be accessed HERE, or by clicking on the above image of Ms. Lynch.

Read over the Resolution and if you agree with it, we ask that you print out and sign a copy and send a single or multiple copies to your U. S. House Representative. If this was done on a large scale, it might get the attention it deserves.

The reason that Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls, is because he is channeling the rising outrage of the American people over just how corrupt our system of government has become. The actions by a U. S. Attorney General to circumvent U. S. laws as well as the U. S. Constitution, just adds to that outrage. In Ms. Lynch's mind, these outraged people could very well be what she defines as "violent extremists."

This march by our leaders towards a one-world-order is now out in plain view for everyone to see. Are we going to sit back and let it happen? We hope not! It might cost you a little time, a stamp and an envelope (or a fax) to your representative. Nothing is going to stop the destruction of America unless millions of Americans get in the game. Do your part today!

A copy of the Resolution of Impeachment appears below.

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Whereas, for far too many decades, government, at all levels, in the United States, operating almost virtually unrestrained by the U. S. Constitution and lobbied by socialists, radical environmentalists, corporations, bankers, unions and foreigners, has far exceeded its constitutional authority and has continuously assaulted or taken away the constitutional, individual, unalienable rights of its lawful citizens, and

Whereas, corrupt legislatures and bureaucrats, at all levels, in violation of their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the U. S. Constitution, have passed and are continuing to pass, voluminous, unreadable, incoherent acts, ordinances, regulations, restrictions, rules, edicts, laws and ratify treaties that are in direct violation of the strict and literal interpretation of our federal or state constitutions, pursuant to the intent of the framers of said constitutions, and

Whereas, the President of the United States, some members of the U. S. Congress and other high-ranking government office holders, have colluded with the United Nations to adopt UN resolutions and policies into American law without any treaty being debated and ratified by the Congress, in violation of the U. S. Constitution, and

Whereas, said government officers, legislators and justices have opened the door to international influences in their non-stop push to merge America, a sovereign nation of free individuals, into a socialist, one world government, and

Whereas, the President, members of the U. S. Congress and high-ranking office holders in the government, swear on solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the U. S. Constitution, so help them God. If there are no consequences to the violation of this solemn Oath of Office, then the Oath of Office and that to which office holders swear in said oath, are virtually meaningless, and

Whereas, the current U. S. Attorney General, at the time this Resolution was drafted, one Loretta Lynch, has violated her solemn Oath of Office by colluding with the United Nations to implement international law onto U. S. Cities, as evidenced by her speech in front of the United Nations on September 29, 2015, which has implications of a global police force on American soil.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, the undersigned, an independent, natural born, or naturalized, sovereign and free citizen of the State of _______________________ in the United States of America, being of sound mind and body, do hereby demand the U. S. House of Representatives draft Articles of Impeachment, to be presented to the U. S. Senate for an impeachment trial in full compliance with the U. S. Constitution, against U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch for violation of her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and for exceeding her authority as U. S. Attorney General by colluding with the United Nations in the implementation of international law on American cities under the United Nations "Strong Cities Network" initiative, without congressional debate and eventual ratification, if so ratified.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, I, the undersigned, further demand that said Articles of Impeachment be drafted by no later than January 1, 2016 and presented to the U. S. Senate for trial.

Signed, executed and affirmed by me, this _____ day of _____________, 201__

. _____________________________________
(print name)


I reside at: _________________________________ City: _________________ County ___________ State ___ ZIP _______

(if desired, add additional signatures on backside with printed name, address, signature and date)

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