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"We Now Live In A Land Of Zealots and Lunatics"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"I just had this New York thing. When I got there, I felt so at home. I said, 'This is where the crazy people go.' It's OK to be yourself in New York."

Lori Petty, contemporary actress and director

FROM THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH: In a 1962 edition of Scientific American, the ecologist John B. Calhoun presented the results of a macabre series of experiments conducted at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). He had placed several rats in a laboratory in a converted barn where – protected from disease and predation and supplied with food, water and bedding – they bred rapidly. The one thing they were lacking was space, a fact that became increasingly problematic as what he liked to describe as his “rat city” and “rodent utopia” teemed with animals. Unwanted social contact occurred with increasing frequency, leading to increased stress and aggression. Following the work of the physiologist, Hans Selye, it seemed that the adrenal system offered the standard binary solution: fight or flight. But in the sealed enclosure, flight was impossible. Violence quickly spiraled out of control. Cannibalism and infanticide followed. Males became hypersexual, pansexual and, an increasing proportion, homosexual. Calhoun called this vortex “a behavioral sink”. Their numbers fell into terminal decline and the population tailed off to extinction. At the experiments’ end, the only animals still alive had survived at an immense psychological cost: asexual and utterly withdrawn, they clustered in a vacant huddled mass. Even when reintroduced to normal rodent communities, these “socially autistic” animals remained isolated until death. In the words of one of Calhoun’s collaborators, rodent “utopia” had descended into “hell”.

In the 1950's, we were still fairly well spread out in America. Suburbia became the escape from the high densities of big cities. We had large lots where the kids could play in their own yards. Suburban areas spread like wildfire all over America. We built schools, churches, wide roads and parks. We then added businesses, industry and commerce to the suburban lifestyle where we didn't have to travel long distances to work in our cars. Friendly neighborhoods popped up and people began to talk to each other again, relieved of the high densities, stress, crime and pressures of big cities. Suburbia allowed us to stretch out a little, with more space for outdoor activities, and play. Kids didn't have to play in the streets, or in the hallways of large apartment buildings any more.

But all that changed in the late 1960's when radical environmentalism raised its ugly head. Environmentalists demanded that we save the suburban and rural areas for the trees, the animals, the birds and the insects. Government started passing more laws to restrict growth and reduce lot sizes in the surrounding areas of big cities. Environmental groups, like the Sierra Club, started doing studies on what were the optimum densities for big cities and came up with plans for high dense urban areas containing 50,000 people per square mile. There are very few cities on the planet that contain 50,000 people per square mile.

To accomplish this insane goal, hundreds of 25-story apartment buildings would have to be built in big cities. Each apartment would have businesses, retail and parking on the first floors so people could walk or take their bicycle to work. The apartment buildings would be connected by mass transit. Cars would be discouraged. This was all part of a grand plan called sustainable development created in a 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro under the UN policy known as Agenda 21. But in fact the policy is little more than "rack 'em and stack 'em", like rats in a cage. We are now mentally and physically crippling our children from the negative impacts of high-density living.

Just like the rats in the National Institute for Health studies, people react negatively to high dense urban living. "Violence increases. (Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Ferguson, LA) Males and females became hypersexual, pansexual and, an increasing proportion, homosexual. Anti-social behavior grows.”

Corruption in government also grows and politicians pander to the high dense urban populations (the mobs) for their votes by giving away "free" stuff, with the "free" stuff being stolen from taxpayers by unconstitutional law. Cities, almost wholly dependent on government for survival, started moving left towards socialism. Normal populations started giving sway to the growing demands of zealots, lunatics and fringe communities. Common sense, logic and intellect were and are being replaced by liberal propaganda and political correctness to the point that the entire American population was and is being systematically brainwashed. After eight years of Obama's fundamental transformation, by 2018 the normal fringe elements (zealots and lunatics) of the bell shaped curve had more than doubled in size from 1955. Our society was and is manufacturing birdbrains and criminals at greater frequencies.

Bell Curve 2=

Today we have the mayor of New York openly and blatantly moving the city towards socialism. Meanwhile, management of city services has declined in deference to social services ..... for votes. We have Democrat politicians openly promoting socialism as a federal policy in the land of the free and the brave. We have colleges telling the students that they can't clap, or use ALL CAPS in their writings and essays. It might offend some people. We have students carrying the American flag on a high school campus expelled because they offended the illegal aliens attending the school who were flying a Mexican flag. Government is offering free health care, free college tuition and jobs without regard to the cost. We have government squelching strongly held religious beliefs with respect to the gay lifestyle and gay marriage, by threats, fines and incarceration. We have cities passing laws forcing artists that they "must" depict the gay lifestyle in their art even though it goes against their religions beliefs, much less their freedom of choice.

Because of very liberal immigration policies, we have illegal aliens believing they have every right to come into America and they have been crossing our borders illegally by the millions for decades, while the American taxpayer picks up the tab for their food, clothing, rent, health care and education. States and cities are adding to the chaos by creating safe zones for illegal aliens under a "sanctuary city" policy. Illegal immigration has now become an un-resolvable problem because the two parties will not come together on a reasonable, common sense compromise that favors the interests of legal Americans.

Zealots and lunatics occupy the halls of Congress and state legislatures, where compromise to solve pressing problems is blocked by political intransigence. One such lunatic Congressman, Eric Swalwell, threatened legal Americans with nukes if they didn't hand over their guns when requested by government.

Environmental lunacy, promoted by zealot Democrats, with the help of the U. S. Congress and the U. S. Supreme Court, has gained so much power in politics that they have been successful in literally repealing Fifth Amendment property rights and shredding large parts of the Constitution. Worse than that, they are trying to force man-caused global warming down our throats, extract trillions more in taxes from us to solve this alleged human-caused problem, with the rational for such actions based on flawed science and made-as-instructed computer models. Read articles from credible sources that debunk climate change HERE.

Gun control zealots (mostly Democrats) keep demanding more gun restrictions, even though restrictions by themselves will not stop mass shootings and they know it. They just want more control and their ultimate goal is gun confiscation of the general population, just like England and Australia. United Nation policies actually call for planet-wide gun confiscation of all citizens.

Again zealot Democrats gave us Obama Care, without a single Republican vote, and nationalized one sixth of the American economy. Chief Justice John Roberts, an alleged conservative justice, voted with the liberals on the Court and sanctioned what was blatantly unconstitutional legislation. In so doing, he alone tore a giant blood-gushing hole in the American health care system and aided and abetted rapidly increasing health care costs and a reduction in health care services. The problem is now so acute that it can't be resolved because of irreconcilable party divisions.

All this socialist and liberal lunacy and zealotry have given us a rising and un-payable national debt. Mostly Democrats are responsible for the rising debt and have no compunction about raising the debt even more in order to buy off increasing numbers of dumb city voters ..... or illegal aliens. Their goal is perpetual political power and they are well on their way to getting it.

Common sense, logic and intellect are rapidly being replaced by increasing lunacy and zealotry in America that is a direct result of high dense urban cities, dependency on government by urban populations and the rapid move towards socialism. The deleterious effects of high dense urban living are mirroring the rat studies mentioned at the beginning of this article. The cause of our cultural breakdown stems from the insatiable desire of large segments of the urban population to increase their mental "highs" from drugs, alcohol and human-degrading entertainment. These addicted nut cases create the demand and their demand is supplied by the savage Mexican drug cartels.

Movies and television are two of the root causes of violence in our society and the break down of cultural norms. The news media, movies, television and violent computer games combined are the "carriers" of the violence disease.

Many of our readers have asked us, what can we do about all of the financial, economic, immigration, health care, crime, violence and cultural disintegration we are experiencing? We reply with:

"Sadly, we're being done in by the zealot and lunatic mob majority. The majority, mostly residing in big cities, has bought into the 'mother government' mantra and they want it to continue and they have the votes to make it continue. People are generally weak and they fall for the Democrat 'free' stuff all the time. That is how they are conquered, either by a party, a city, a state, a nation, or by one-world-government."

"We are at a similar point as were the Colonials in 1776. Many were quite happy with King George and didn't want anything to change. But about a third of the population had enough and decided to go to war. Ironically, less than 3% actually took up sword, musket and cannon to take on the British."

"Because big cities are almost virtually dependent on government and 80% of the population resides in big cities, we're not sure that anything can restore constitutional freedom short of war."

Evidently, most of the American people are perfectly content to be debt slaves and rats in a cage, dancing to the tune of a lunatic mob drummer. Until we once again seek freedom with the same savagery and determination as we did in the Revolutionary War, debt slaves and rats in a cage we will be. Soon we will be just like Europe, or worse, Venezuela and we will all stand by and watch it happen without so much as a whimper or a moan.

For the last 13 years and writing well over "500 Articles" on freedom, liberty and property rights, we have been trying to get people involved in saving their nation. After making at least seven different attempts, at great time and expense on our part, to get people involved, we have decided to take the gifts of patriotism, capitalism and freedom on the road instead. We will share those gifts with groups of 50 or more. If you are tired of being pushed around by government, or a debt slave, or a rat in a cage, click HERE.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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