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"Would You, Will You ….. ?"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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In a significant departure from our usual article, from time to time we extend our literary skills to poetry. Some might think it corny. But it’s just a different form of communication and expression. Each is totally relevant to our current situation. If you find them relevant, please feel free to share them with others.

“Would You, Will You ….. ?
By Ron Ewart
Originally penned in November 2012
© Copyright 2020 – All Rights Reserved

Would you be a slave
In your own land
When once you were free?
Would you bow down
To bureaucratic or political tyrants
Rather than defending liberty?

Would you see your children
Condemned to slavery
When there was a chance
You could save them?
Would you deny them victory?
Would you deny your family freedom?

Would you let your country slip deeper
Into the jaws of debauchery?
Would you let the politicians force you
Into the dungeons of abject slavery?

Would you hide in the shadows
When your duty was quite clear?
Would you shrink from the battle
Because you are paralyzed with fear?

Is it true you are just a coward
And afraid to be free?
Do you tremble in the darkness
Hiding in a corner, shaking uncontrollably?

Will you instead gather up your stoicism
And join the fearless in our midst?
It’s time to save America from socialism
While shaking a determined fist?

Will you reach down in your very soul
And summon up your courage?
Will you cast your freedom ship afloat
And send her from her moorage?

Will you use the intellect God gave you,
And apply it to the fight?
Will you heed the haunting cry
To set our country right?

The question always remains,
Would you … or will you?
Your choice is to be in chains
Or live in liberty like all free men do.

So we ask each freedom-loving American,
Will you settle for chains and slavery?
Or will you get up off your can,
And engage in the fight for liberty?

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Free Americans Are In
A Fight For Their Very Lives
They will need all the strength and courage they can muster
if freedom is to be preserved.

"Life is a fight, a fight to stay alive and a fight to keep others from taking your life, your property and your liberty from you!" Ron Ewart

Very powerful, influential and rich people are doing everything in their power to defeat Trump and thereby reduce the free men and women of America to slaves of the elite class, the aristocracy. Most of these people made their billions as a direct result of capitalism and free markets. (See: “Billionaire Backers”)

Now these denizens of high tech and finance are using their billions to tear that system down by overwhelming it and erasing any other differing view points, together with lying, cheating, election fraud, censorship, stealing and violence. They will do ANYTHING to win!

The news media is aligned with these very rich and powerful people (Progressives) and are working against Trump as well.

Academia is hopelessly in the tank for Progressive causes and is working against Trump while poisoning the minds of American college students and censoring any other ideology.

Our public schools have been hijacked by Progressives and for several generations have been indoctrinating our children in the ways of Progressivism, collectivism, social justice, environmental equity, climate change, systemic racism, critical race theory and white privilege. Individual freedom and unalienable rights are the farthest thing from the minds of these super rich aristocrats who believe their way is the only way and like all megalomaniacs and bullies, they intend to shove it down your throats. If you don’t like it, they will roll over you, embarrass you, intimidate you, threaten you and make you very afraid of what they can do to you. You have every reason to be afraid.

The forces lined up against our Constitutional Republic, Donald Trump and the free people of America, are formidable and may be undefeatable by peaceful means. You can let them run all over you, or you can put up an impenetrable roadblock to their ambitions. It will be up to millions of patriotic Americans to use whatever force is necessary to vanquish not only the aristocrats, (the establishment and deep state) but to destroy their false and fraudulent ideology if an exceptional and free America is to survive. It is we that should be intimidating "them." (See: "Nothing Will Change Until The People Act")

Will WE do ANYTHING to win? That is a tall order and it will require millions of courageous men and women to call upon “The Life Force Within Them.” ."

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By Ron Ewart
Originally penned in January 2001
Slightly revised in May 2020
© Copyright 2020 – All Rights Reserved.

In all living things a life force resides.
The will to survive is paramount.
Living is a battle and you have to take sides,
For to do otherwise, the soul that is you will not count.

No matter what life has in store for me,
Each new obstacle shall harden my resolve.
Be it fortress, or mountain, or just a large tree,
The life force within me will never dissolve.

Should an event cripple me and leave me with one leg.
I shall hop forever if that’s what is demanded of me.
Should somehow I be left with no legs at all,
I will find the strength to slither or crawl.

If I finally end up with no legs or arms,
I will use my teeth to keep up the pace.
When my eyes will no longer show me the way
I will use my ears or the nerves in my face.

As long as there is breath in my body.
As long as the thoughts in my mind are clear.
I shall endure and forever press forward
Without hesitation, reservation, or fear.

For my destiny is not getting to some temporary place,
Where I cannot stay for but a moment or a smile.
For everyone knows it’s not getting there, it’s the race,
And it’s the life force within me that makes it worthwhile.

When nothing is left but a shallow breath,
And my heart beats with a dying sound.
My mind will look skyward as I wait for death
As the life force within me seeks higher ground.

And when finally the light has gone out of my soul.
I will allow the winds to carry me far.
Because the life force within me has me on a roll,
And I dare not let go on my way to a star.

Perhaps by sharing these poems we will have spawned a small measure of inspiration and motivation to those who take the time to read and digest them.

In every war there is a winner and a loser. If Conservatives can’t or won’t fight for what is right and to preserve freedom, then Conservatives are hopeless losers. We’re not talking about the politician Conservatives. They’re no help at all. We’re talking about the Conservative masses.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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