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White Bashing=

"We Grow Tired and Angry With the Constant White Bashing!"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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The history of man on planet earth is riddled with brutal, vicious imperialism, as men with radical ambitions sought to conquer land and people and reap the spoils of the war they forced on the innocents. They either did it because of their desire for power and wealth, expand a radical or religious philosophy, or they were just plain insane. The Alexander the Greats, Attila the Huns and the Genghis Khans are all well known from their exploits written in the history books.

But imperialism didn't always happen on a grand scale. Aborigines, on all continents, including the American Indian, looking for more land, resources, food, water and riches, would go into neighboring territory and kill or maim the men, rape the women, convert the living to slaves, steal what they found and expand their territory.

Sovereign nations were imperialistic as well. The Greeks, Romans and Turks all had huge fleets to carry goods, men and weapons over the seas for the purpose of making money, making war, taking slaves, subjugating the indigenous people and expanding their territory. In the 16th through the 18th centuries, the British Empire explored and then occupied vast reaches of the planet. At one time the British controlled the lives of over 458,000,000 people.

Around the same time the Spaniards conquered large portions of Central and South America, bringing with them their Catholic culture and disease. The Spanish empire was called the "empire upon which the Sun never sets." Its considerable influence on the territories it conquered, is still present today.

In the 20th Century, the German and Japanese Nations became imperialistic, but their drive to conquer Europe, North Africa, half of Asia and the Western Pacific ended in abject failure, costing the lives of tens of millions of innocents.

But it was mostly the White man that defeated the German and Japanese nations and they did so because of the White man's courage, drive, ambition, creativity, imagination and the burning desire to right an egregious wrong. Yes, other races participated in World War II, but it was mostly the blood of White men that soaked into the land and dissolved in the sea and it was White blood, White technology and White courage that defeated the German dictator Hitler and the Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo of Japan.

Well before the World Wars, when the first White settlers came to America in 1620 on the HMS Mayflower, they found other indigenous inhabitants occupying the land. They made friends with some of the inhabitants and made war on others, as more and more White settlers arrived from Europe and expanded out into virgin territory. Whites were leaving Europe to escape the feudal system and religious intolerance. They smelled freedom in a new land.

That drive and ambition to create a free society and tame a vast wilderness, came from the European White race. Were they perfect in their pursuit of freedom and the taming of a continent? Of course not! No man (or woman) on earth is perfect because perfection is a mirage lacking any standard or benchmark, which allows the abstract idea of perfection to be measured.

The hard and true fact is, the White man of America, with his civilized roots deep in Europe, has given more to society and freedom than any other race on the Earth. Most all other races, even today, live in poverty and subjugation, except in America. That is why they are all trying get in here, legally or illegally.

The European and the American White man invented steel, the steam engine, trains, cars, electricity, medicines, medical care, radio, television, telephones, flying machines and rockets that have gone to the moon and even to the outer reaches of the solar system. White men developed science under the rigid controls of the scientific method. They explored and expanded the disciplines of mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology and psychology. White men peered out into the universe with ever more powerful telescopes and gave us a much wider view and expanding knowledge of the Universe.

A good portion of the White race are ambitious, industrious, creative, and possess a strong work ethic, resulting from their ingrained Christian-Judeo heritage. It was a whole bunch of White men that drafted the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution and created the entire concept of individual freedom, while standing on the shoulders of past European White men that penned the Magna Carta and gave us Western philosophy, Classical Liberalism and other documents of freedom.

Once again, were they perfect in their creation of a free society, taming the wilderness and the advancement of science and technology? Not hardly, as all men are flawed in one way or another. Thousands paid a terrible price for the White man's occupation of North America and their quest to define and implement individual freedom. In contrast, millions more enjoyed the fruits of that freedom and from it created the most wealthy, powerful and generous nation on earth. No, America is not perfect.

All presidents since George Washington were White men. Obviously, some were better at the job than others, depending on how the "job" is defined and the times at which they served. However, the legacy of the first black president will go down in history as an attack on freedom itself, even though the people that voted for him wanted him to succeed because HE WAS the first black president. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that any future black president will fail at the job.

Most of the bashing and vilification of White men and women are done to divide the races and pit them against each other, for purely political reasons. Most of the "dividing" comes from one political party that has exploited all other minority races at the expense of the White man.

But the fact is, White men did not invent discrimination. Discrimination is instinctive to the human species and is rampant in every other nation. Just try being a mixed, or minority race, or an LGBT human in other countries.

However, America and the White man have done more to heal discrimination than any other country. The disadvantaged, the poor, the disabled, homosexuals and ethnic minorities live better in America than anywhere on the planet. Laws have been passed to inhibit discrimination .. of any kind.

The White race is no better than any other race. It has just accomplished more and given more back to society. The White man has lifted many other races out of poverty because of the White man's ability to create wealth and his quest for knowledge and understanding. The White man has healed the people of many other races because of his medical knowledge and his true altruistic desire to serve others. The American and European White men have shown their generosity around the world. America and the American White man have tried to keep peace in the world, sometimes successfully, but sometimes with tragic consequences because keeping the peace is just as unpredictable as waging war.

Think of it ladies and gentlemen. Virtually every other race on this planet, except maybe the Yellow race, has yet to rise up out of the perception that they are victims of the White man's success. The other races envy and fear the White man at the same time. They want to penalize Whites for that success and maybe even steal his wealth and kill him if they could. But that is only a few of the reasons why they vilify the White man.

Because of the division created for political reasons by one American political party, other races in America feel free to attack, smear and malign the White race, simply because they are white. There are pages and pages of slur names for Whites. Because the perception that all other races are victims of the White race and the myth of White privilege, that one political party, academia and the news media, openly tolerate the attacks with hardly any negative comment, other than to spur it on, or make it fester in what has been called race baiting, or race hustling. If the event is White on Black, or White on Latino, it is news. If the news is Black on Black, or Black on Latino, or Black on White, the news is censored because that type of news doesn't fit the one party's narrative. Very little has been mentioned about the reverse racial component involved in Vester Lee Flannigan (he was black) shooting Allison Parker and Adam Ward dead on live TV, both who were White.

Nevertheless, we did not write this article to tear down the other races other than to shine a light on the issue. Broad brushes on issues, things, or people are most always wrong. But frankly, ladies and gentlemen, we grow tired and angry over the constant bashing and vilification of the White man with no consequences for so doing. But God help the White man if he utters a single negative comment about a minority race.

As harsh as this may seem, if you are Black, Latino, or Indian, or any other minority race, and you believe that you are a victim of the phantom of White privilege, then you have lost the battle and the war and you will never amount to anything. Your whole life will be distorted by a false vision of yourself and that false vision will negatively impact everything you do. You will be forever mired in a cesspool of your own self-pity and anger because one American political party convinced you, that you are a victim of the White race.

Ben Carson, Colin Powel, Condoleezza Rice and Herman Cain and many other role model Blacks, don't look at themselves as victims of the White race and have shown that this idea of minority race victim hood is an unmitigated falsehood.

In the entire human race, all lives are precious and all lives matter, whether they are black, brown, yellow, red, or white .. or unborn. All lives WILL matter when all constituencies and all races heal the perceived issues that divide them. Sadly, what divides the races is a false premise, promoted by one political party, that some of the races are doomed to be hopeless victims of another race, thereby justifying savage, irrational, mindless attacks on that one race, but even worse, dependency on government.

If the attacks are allowed to continue, the division between the races will only grow wider. The looting, rioting and burning by disenchanted youths and anarchists over falsely perceived injustices, just adds to the widening gap. "Hands up, don' shoot" and "black lives matter", or just words that fan the flame of racial hatred.

It is not the White man's fault that ethnic races are less educated, dependent on government, live in the ghettos, are unemployed, shoot each other in large numbers, have massive numbers of babies out of wedlock that force them on the welfare rolls and grow up without fathers. If the ethnic races want to improve their lot, they had better look inward in a collective introspection. But they won't as long as they look to government as their "savior", blame the White man for their troubles and see themselves as victims of the White man. This flawed perception is nothing more than a diabolical fiction promoted by one political party .. for votes.

Since the Black and Latino races are quite satisfied with White bashing and they can get away with it with impunity, we see very little chance of healing the division between the races any time soon. It is not likely to stop until one of the political parties decides that a unified America of one people of all races is more important than maintaining perpetual political power by dividing the races. It will continue to fester and get worse until that one party believes and practices the American motto "e pluribus unum" where that motto truly means, "out of many, one." We aren't holding our breath.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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