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"Here Are The Unimpeachable, Irrevocable Realities!"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Winston Churchill

Is "Here Lies Bold Free America, Murdered by Socialist Democrats in 2018" going to be read on America's tombstone on November 7, 2018, a day after the mid-term elections? If the Socialist Democrats take control of the House or the Senate, or both, Trump will be rendered impotent and ineffective and the graveyard diggers will begin to dig America's grave. The vision and dream of the Founding Fathers will be relegated to the very large scrap heap of failed Republics. There will be no turning back. The Socialist Democrats will have won.

It makes no difference whether Trump survives the onslaught against him by the mainstream media, Socialist Democrats, prosecuting attorneys, special counsels, or the courts. Trump is not perfect and may have many skeletons in his closet that could be exposed in the near term. After many years in an international cutthroat business, he is bound to have cut some corners and may have strayed over the line of legality. Nevertheless, if he is forced to resign or is impeached, a Republican President will still be in the White House for another two years. It is imperative, for the sake of a "bold and free America", that Republicans retain control of the House and Senate and carry on the principles of liberty, as defined in the Constitution. If they don't, the opportunity for an American course correction in 2018 could be lost forever.

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Politically, the first reality is that America has drifted down hill towards socialism for the last 80 to 100 years. The reason it has is because way too many people are lazy in mind and body and it is always easier to believe in fairy tales and "free" lunches (promises from politicians) than it is in the irrefutable and natural principles of liberty. Freedom and liberty are hard and they were won at great sacrifice. It takes courage, self-reliance, independence and personal responsibility to live in freedom and defend it. In contrast, socialism, communism and collectivism are easy. All you have to do is to capitulate and hand over your free will, your life and your possessions to the collective (Socialist Democrats). Some people do it because they figure the world owes them something. Others do it because they are weak and find freedom too hard. Still others do it because they have a legitimate need.

Yes, a compassionate society should take care of someone with a legitimate need. But what if America has too many people who are sick, un-employed, disabled, lazy, deadbeat, or addicted to drugs or alcohol? How many illegal aliens can our economy support? How many millions of non-producers can the producers in our society carry on their backs? There is a limit you know which the Socialist Democrats in America refuse to acknowledge.

The second reality, that frustrates Americans constantly, is that we are a deeply divided country. We have a large segment of our society (mostly urban dwellers) that has taken the easy path to government dependence, aided and abetted by a government (Socialist Democrats) that is all too willing to be of assistance, in return for a vote, a donation, or a favor. We have a smaller, but significant segment of Americans, who cling to the unalienable right to individual freedom and liberty, and believe that the U. S. Constitution contains the bedrock principles and the inviolate guarantee of that freedom. We have the producers of society that are forced, by law, to foot the bill for those who have taken the easy path to government dependence.

These are two of the hard and fast, unimpeachable, irrevocable realities, no matter through which political prism you view them.

So is there a right or a wrong reality? Is socialism more right than the unalienable, individual, natural rights that are the supreme gift from our creator? Do those who produce something, or provide a service with their labor, or invent something, or invest in something, owe an unimpeachable debt to those who are in need? And what authority, ruler, dictator, body of men, or despot, mandates that said producers owe such a debt to those in need; a debt that is to be collected at the point of a gun and distributed by an allegedly all-wise, all-knowing and benevolent government? Is the statement by Karl Marx; "..... from those with the greatest capability, to those with the greatest need" an irrevocable, inflexible, political reality? Or is it slavery by any other name? Your answer determines whether you are a free man ..... or slave.

From the perspective of the individual in need, he or she would naturally agree that someone else is responsible to provide for them a safety net, in the name of compassion, so that each is not reduced to abject poverty, especially if the safety net is offered for "free" and without strings. From the perspective of the producer, they are being punished for being successful, self-reliant and responsible. To the constitutionalists, every person is essentially on his or her own. Any charity to those in need will be by the free choice of each individual, not mandated by government in a law. (You will note that there is nothing mentioned in the U. S. Constitution about charity, or the power of government to invoke enforced charity. Government has just illegally assumed that power and has enslaved the people by perverting the phrase in the pre-amble of the Constitution wherein it states, "........ and promote the general welfare.")

To the Socialist Democrat, it is the duty of the producer to support the needy because they live in a country that allowed them to be successful. It makes no difference how much that support costs, even if it sends our government reeling into national bankruptcy, just so long as the Socialist Democrat gets the vote to stay in power. The Socialist Democrat uses propaganda to invoke a guilty conscience for being successful so that the producer will be motivated to willingly give up a portion of his or her earnings as charity, thinking that it is an act of compassion, not realizing he or she has been unwillingly coerced by the threat of incarceration to GIVE! In other words, the Socialist Democrat believes in "spreading the wealth" by force, without regard to Constitutional principles ..... much less the cost.

But then who decides who gets to be the "spreador" of the wealth and who gets to be the "spreadee"? Do the politicians decide, who are always scrambling for votes? Or do the academics decide who study everything to death using government money. Or do the bankers decide, who controls the money? Or instead, do we follow the hard and fast mandates of our U. S. Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land? If we don't follow the Constitution, without a doubt, the politicians, the academics and the bankers win while freedom loses.

One more thing! How much of a stretch is it for the "National Socialist American Democrat Party" to drift inexorably into the "National Socialist American Worker's (Nazi) Party?" Just a hair's breathe folks. When the drift is complete, then the government guns come out to violently enforce the law. Then the SS is formed to make sure that the violent enforcement is clandestinely carried out and insurgents and belligerents are whisked away to who knows where. What is unfathomable and inexplicable in a free country is that the masses will eventually demand the violent enforcement to catch the cheaters of mandatory charity, not unlike George Orwell's 1984 dystopia State of Oceania. In our 2018 future Big Brother world, you either GIVE (or comply) or you disappear into a concentration camp, never to be heard from again. They are doing that in Russia and China right now! What's to stop it from happening here? Nothing if the Socialist Democrats win in 2018.

Which leads us to the third reality. If you are a member of that smaller, but significant segment of Americans, who cling to the unalienable right to individual freedom and liberty and believe that the U. S. Constitution contains the bedrock principles and the inviolate guarantee of that freedom, you have no choice but to fight to preserve, protect and defend that freedom. The first element of that fight is to vote for candidates that will uncompromisingly represent and fight for constitutional guarantees. Should you choose otherwise, then you will be forced to join that segment of our society that has taken the easy path to government dependence, aided and abetted by Socialist Democrats that are all too willing to steal the money from the public treasury, or pass a law to benefit the recipient, in return for a vote, a donation, or a favor.

But worse, if you choose this path, not only do you lose your freedom and liberty, you get to pay for this socialist insanity as well. You also get to endure the waste, fraud, abuse and corruption of an inefficient, out-of-control government, who is telling you that compassion is your duty and then putting a gun to your head (taxes) to make sure you agree.

If you will not fight the Socialist Democrat version of socialism, then you will be branded with the name, "coward" and the courageous must carry you on their backs. If you will fight, you must be willing to pledge your life, your fortune and your sacred honor, as did a small group of brave men who gave birth to YOUR freedom 242 years ago.

The right choices and defending freedom are never easy. There are millions of misguided national and international individuals and groups that work very hard, all the time, to take freedom away from you and they have been very successful. The American Socialist Democrat Party and all of its Progressive off shoots, like Media Matters and the Center for American Progress, are just a few of those groups.

But then, you can always stick your head in the sand and just ignore the realities all together, hoping they will go away. The question you must ask, are you willing to capitulate and hand over your free will, your life and your possessions to the collective (Socialist Democrats) without a fight?

On Tuesday, November 6th, you can do one thing that will not cost you your life, or your fortune, or your sacred honor. You can vote for the congressman or senator that will at least continue existing liberties, what little is left of them. Then you can begin the long, probably generational, process, with others, to restore our Republic. If the Socialist Democrats win in November 2018, it will be because the "REPUBLICANS" failed to get out the vote. It's that simple.

To that end we have created a short, unprofessional but informative video entitled, "Don't Let This Happen To Our Beloved America". (click on the link) The video delivers a powerful message of what happens if the Socialist Democrats win in November. Share it with others on your list, if you deem it worthy.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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