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"The Only Effective Weapon - Massive Disobedience"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty, as cooperation with good."

Mahatma Gandhi

We've all been taught to obey the law because in a nation of laws and not of men, following the law is the strength of the nation. In a free nation, following the law is paramount because not following the law leads to chaos and anarchy. But there is another scenario that is not taken into account with the necessity of following the law and that scenario occurs when those that make the law exceed their authority for creating law, or go berserk in passing laws, as is happening today.

All over America, law is being created without legal authority and in violation of constitutional limits on power, driven by an international mindset that manifests itself in the flawed ideology of social justice and radical environmental restrictions and limitations. This flawed ideology believes that man is a plague on the earth and must be severely regulated. One way to regulate the world population is to get them to believe that they are causing the pending catastrophe of global warming and their activities need to be scaled way back, but more particularly, American activities. The ideology also includes the implementation by law to make all humans equal under the guise of social justice, an impossible condition without the use of excessive government, totalitarian force.

After receiving an e-mail from one of our No Trespassing sign customers, expressing extreme anger over what he was facing from the local government and reading the response from his attorney over the situation, it occurred to us that Americans and more particularly rural landowners, are being driven into the uncomfortable position of either capitulating to unreasonable local government laws, or fighting the growing aggressive law enforcement by local authorities. As the landowner will soon learn the hard way, fighting government alone will rapidly exhaust their monetary resources, as the law and their attorney eats up the landowner's savings in the fight.

We are not aware of what portion of the local code our customer violated, but the response from his attorney laid out his rather unattractive alternatives in challenging the code violation. We've edited the attorney's response below, but it will give the reader a good idea of what the landowner was up against.

"1. The County office called me. They want to schedule an inspection today or tomorrow. As you know, I am in __________ and will not be in your County until July 24th. So, if you want the inspection to occur in the near future, I would recommend hiring a local attorney to be present. I can give you a referral if you need one. Alternatively, you can hire me to call the Sheriff and attempt to schedule an inspection while I am there. My rate is $250.00 an hour."

"2. Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent the county from knocking on every door in the unincorporated areas and asking permission from the occupant of the property to conduct compliance inspections. No knowledge of a violation is required because supposedly the searches are administrative searches akin to checking for Uniform Building Code violations. They are not supposed to be intended to be utilized in any criminal investigation. (But we’ll see…) If the occupant does not voluntarily permit an inspection the Sheriff’s office (the agency designated by the County Board of Supervisors to conduct the compliance searches) may obtain an inspection warrant. Once the Sheriff’s office has an inspection warrant, the occupant may not prohibit the search. However, the search is limited to the areas designated in the warrant. Similarly, if an occupant allows a search, the occupant can limit the area to be searched. Ie. Garage only."

"3. If an occupant is cited for being in violation of the County code, they will be issued a notice of violation. At such time, the occupant has a reasonable time to conform with the notice or alternatively they may challenge the notice by filing an appeal with the County Clerk. The proceeding will have the County Board of Supervisors providing evidence of violation with a County Officer providing a ruling. If after that proceeding is completed the occupant is not satisfied with the results, then they may appeal to the Superior Court and make what is called an implied challenge to the ordinance as it applies to that particular person."

"I understand your frustration about the scope and procedures set forth in the County ordinance. However, those are the rules we are obligated to follow at this time. If you would like me to represent you in regards to these issues please let me know and I will return the Sheriff’s call and work with you to formulate a plan."

Isn't it nice that the attorney "understood" the landowner's frustration. At $250 per hour he can afford to be understanding.

Unfortunately, there is a trail of tears and lost fortunes for those who take on government administratively or in court by themselves. Many lose their life's savings and many more lose their property. Fighting government alone is a losing proposition in almost all cases, even if you are wealthy. Government usually has the law on their side, unlimited tax dollars and high paid attorneys on staff. There are exceptions of course and some people do win. The fact is though, most lose.

As we were reading the attorney's response to the landowner, the light of inspiration started to grow brighter. If a landowner objects to an inspection, the county will issue an inspection warrant that the sheriff must serve. What would happen if all of the landowners in the entire area where the county was inspecting just objected to any inspection by any government official? The government would then have to issue inspection warrants for all of the landowners and the sheriff, the poor sheriff, would have to serve them all. He wouldn't have the time or the manpower to serve those warrants if enough landowners in the area rose up against the county in a peaceful demonstration of massive disobedience. One or two landowners wouldn't do the trick. It has to be a large number of 50 to 100 or more. 1,000 people disobeying the mandates of government would be much more effective. What can the government do when a thousand people say ..... "No more?" Will the government arrest and throw a thousand people in jail? Not likely! However, they may very well consider revising the law that created the disobedience. We know because we have witnessed government backing up when challenged by a large group of angry people.

Unfortunately, there is a rub to this scenario. Most people are predisposed to following the law, as we mentioned in the opening of this article. They just give in when the government applies pressure under the law. They don't even consider that there is an alternative that uses the power of the people to overcome the power of the government by sheer numbers, because the government is exceeding its constitutional authority, or has gone berserk in passing law after law.

The sad truth is, most people are cowards. They would rather knuckle under than risk a confrontation with government even though a confrontation with government is what it will take to preserve their freedom. The government uses this cowardice against the people. They keep "pushing" the people with law after law to see how much they will take. A death by a thousand cuts. They use and exploit the people's unwillingness to challenge authority ..... out of fear of government. And we call ourselves Americans, as if that is supposed to mean something? Maybe once it did.

Being an American used to mean being self-reliant, independent, a free thinker, courageous and individually responsible. Unfortunately, the irrational fear of government that we see in the eyes of Americans today, is hardly what we consider being an American. Acting as our own attorney, we have challenged a multi-national corporation in court and won. We have challenged the IRS twice and won. We are challenging them a third time and we expect to win. We have challenged a local court over a small infraction and we expect to win there too ..... because we do not fear government. We use the law against them, even though we are fully aware that at any time of their choosing, they have the power to unilaterally "bury" us.

Politicians, at all levels, have created a rogue, out-of-control government that fully intends to regulate us to death and steal our freedom, right in front of our eyes while we watch, cowering in a corner. They would have us live as serfs, rather than proud Americans we have every right to be. We are not alarmists that cry wolf like the environmentalists and politicians do. We are realists and we have a crystal clear vision of the "clear and present danger" that faces all Americans, urban or rural.

If we do not organize, without a doubt, the Republic that we know and what the founding fathers envisioned, is going to die a slow, agonizing and wrenching death. It's already showing tell tale signs. If we do not come together in a cohesive fighting unit, our freedoms and liberty will fade into the dark chasm of socialism, radical environmentalism and one-world government. If we will not come together and be willing to join with those of us who are fighting this WAR against government excesses, our children and grand children will have to live in the invisible chains of the New World Order, perpetrated on us by internationalists who want our money, our guns and our freedom. Make no mistake, they are well on their way to getting all three. Are you going to stop them, or are you going to just sit there and let them do it? If you are not willing to fight to save this Republic, then suffer the consequences and don't complain when you come face-to-face with the government you allowed to exist ..... then wave goodbye to freedom, liberty and our once proud nation of "WE THE PEOPLE".

Ladies and gentlemen, Americans either rise up together against tyranny in a show of massive civil disobedience, or be buried in the mass graves destined for slaves. One-man armies do not win battles, much less wars. If no one comes forward to lead your neighbors in civil disobedience, then become the leader. Get your neighbors fired up to take action. Leaders aren't born they rise to the occasion.

If the American people do not learn and soon, that the only truly effective weapon against rising government tyranny is massive disobedience, both locally and on a grand scale, they will have forsaken their birthright of freedom and will deserve the consequences. Either confront the government en masse, or be content to be government's slave. If fear is what motivates us, then fear is our master.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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