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"The Only Way To Confront Violence Is With Violence"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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“Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anarchists, looters and arsonists engage in heinous acts of wanton violence while good people stand by and watch from the sidelines. Democrat office holders, in acts of appeasement to the violent mob, tell their police forces to stand down in the face of racial-driven violence, thereby emboldening the anarchists to increase their violence. Businesses are burned, people are injured or killed and foul graffiti adorns the walls and streets of the city. In the chaos that ensues, everyone tends to lose sight of why the violence is occurring in the first place. Violence just becomes violence for violence’s sake, without reason or logic.

The hard fact is, that if just one anarchist is shot by law enforcement, in front of all the other anarchists, they would scatter like flies in all directions and the violence would stop. If anarchists, looters and arsonists were shot in big-city riots across the country, violence would immediately stop all over America.

If there is no price to pay, the anarchist gets off scot-free. This is a truism for all criminal behavior, including those that cross our borders illegally. That is why we have laws in the first place so that criminals will pay a price for their bad acts against society. But if the law only applies to the good, law-abiding people of America, then there is no law.

Now everyone knows this fact instinctively. Why do we constantly ignore reason, logic and common sense? The only reason that makes sense is the politics of power. Politics corrupts all rational actions and intelligent decisions by government, whether it is an act of a politician or a bureaucrat. Virtually every act of government is an act of politics for the purpose of obtaining and keeping political power. All political parties are guilty of using irrational politics to further their goal of wielding power over the masses. Examples of this in our every day lives abound.

The Democrat mayors of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and all other big cities run by Democrats, see the riots as enhancing their chances of increasing their power at all levels of government, including the presidency. The bad economy, large unemployment, virus deaths and the constant violent upheaval every night on the news surely would seem to work against the incumbent president. Or does it? If lawlessness is allowed to persist and good people become enraged because no one is stopping it, could it backfire on the Democrats?

Nevertheless, the Democrats are willing to let people be killed and businesses burn so that they can hold the seats of power and tell everyone else how to live. They abhor the Constitution as it limits their power to control the people with Climate Change, Green New Deals, Medicare For all, un-fund the police, give amnesty and all kinds of free stuff to illegal aliens, repeal the Electoral College and free college tuition for everyone.

If the electoral power was not concentrated in big cities and was spread out more evenly across the country, Democrats would not be able to hold the rest of the country hostage by allowing, aiding and abetting riots, looting and arson for the trumped up charge of systemic racism or white privilege. Big cities may very well be the downfall of a free America, or lead to civil war.

We’ve been down this road before in previous articles but sometimes repetition increases the chances of getting the message across. The behavior of individuals living tightly in big cities produces its own share of problems. High crime rates and noise, air and water pollution are just a few of the consequences. Big cities require large police forces to enforce laws and civility but big cities without adequate police protection see their crime rates explode, as is happening now due to Democrats appeasing the mob and calling for a reduction in police presence, as if that will somehow reduce racism and riots.

Big cities dump their concentrated pollution on the environment and then expect everyone else to comply with environmental protection, except them selves.

Big cities are also dangerous places to be in times of war and natural disasters. Earthquakes, fires, floods and rapidly spreading diseases find ready victims in big cities that can produce large losses of life. Most of the deaths occurring from the Black Plague, during the era of the Dark Ages, occurred in the cities where the concentrated garbage and human waste attracted the rats that carried the fleas that carried the disease. During war, opposing enemies don't bomb the countryside, they bomb big cities where the manufacturing plants build the machines and weapons of war and where large populations of men, women and children can be killed to bring the enemy to its knees. Need we mention the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the firebombing of Dresden, Germany?

But the other consequence of high-dense living is the steady lowering of the bar of civility, respect and trust. Human behavior changes under the conditions of living closer together. It does so because of a basic human fact. No matter what the government, socialists, or the environmentalists will tell you, people like and need "their" space and the space does not come in a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment in a 25-story building, surrounded by concrete on all sides, in a big city.

Suburbs became a partial answer to the human need for space and escaping the problems of big cities. But then the suburbs began to increase in density as governments got into the act of "planning" where we live and work. The suburbs began to infill.

History has shown us that people don't behave well when crammed together in big cities. Big cities have given us the "Blue" states. Big cities are bastions of socialism and government control. Big cities, with their majorities, control the legislative process and give us legislators that support socialism, more laws and environmental extremism. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come to mind.

The people who inhabit big cities are more apt to believe whatever the government tells them and act like mindless lemmings. The current propaganda and mass hysteria of man-caused global warming (Climate Change) is a prime example and allows Al Gore to spew his Climate Change insanity to the naive "choir". Yes, big cities are large markets of consumers and bring us commerce that helps to fund the country. But we wonder if the price is worth it?

There is now a determined social justice and environmental protection agenda by American policy makers to cram more people into large cities. Over-educated, government-paid planners spend all of their time in drafting acts, laws, rules, restrictions, regulations and ordinances to direct the movement of populations ever tighter into big cities. Planners are doing their best to do away with the single-family home with a large yard where the kids can play, the quintessential American dream.

Draconian environmental protection laws are purposely designed to drive more people out of the rural areas and force them into big cities. The rural areas are to be protected at all costs, without regard to constitutional protections or the rights of rural landowners.

This purposeful design was first created in a United Nations policy paper entitled, Agenda 21. It was then codified into American law by presidential executive orders, without a treaty being ratified. This socialist policy now permeates every level of American government and is taught in our K-12 public schools and our very liberal colleges. Government sanctifies this policy with soft sounding names like "Social Equity", "Smart Growth", "Sustainable Development", "Endangered Species", "Conservation", "Biospheres", "Wildlife Corridors" and "Wilderness Protection". One of the motives for all of this propaganda is to drive more people into big cities, get them out of their cars and force them to take mass transit. Government can more easily control people in big cities.

As a direct result of this forced rural-to-urban migration policy, the bar of civility gets lower and lower as big-city populations increase. Big government, mostly Democrats, love big cities, as they feed off of the occupants' dependence on government and big-city voters continue to re-elect the handout providers. Big government doesn't give one whit about civility. If the population gets more uncivil, government just adds more police to bring the people into compliance and increases taxes to pay for it all, that is of course if Black Lives Matter doesn’t get Democrats to decrease police forces under the insane idea of “de-fund the police.”

We’ll never get rid of big cities but like too many rats in a cage, the populations of big cities will get less and less civil as their densities increase and will become more and more dependent on government for their survival. As a result, socialism is inevitable. (See: “Demographics Will Eventually Destroy Our Founding Father’s Republic”)

Big cities produced big government and government gets bigger and more powerful every day. In the end civility, respect, trust, honor, integrity, honesty and freedom lose.

Big cities give Democrats big power. Uncontrolled violence in big cities by anarchists is just another way for Democrats to increase their political power. If more of the anarchists were shot by law enforcement while in the act of rioting, looting, or arson, there would be a lot less violence in our big cities and a lot less power for Democrats.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “violence might bring momentary results for racial justice, but it never brings lasting peace.” (See: “So Black Violence Is Supposed To Heal White Racism?”)

It seems the only logical conclusion then is to confront violence with violence in the hopes of eventually bringing lasting peace, just as we did in two world wars. It makes no difference if the violence is domestic or international. All bullies must be taken down one way or another, either by peaceful means, or by violence.

Now there may be another way to confront the anarchists, with a show of force. The good people of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho came out in full force carrying guns when they heard that ANTIFA was on their way to protest in Coeur d’Alene. When ANTIFA showed up, heavily armed civilians escorted them out of town. Not a shot was fired. The PEOPLE spoke! (See: “Armed Patriots Patrol Coeur d’Alene”)

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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