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"Jack, They Want To Take My Baby"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence and no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens."

Donald Trump

Susan: (answering a ring at the front door with fear in her voice yelled) "Jack! There is a child protective services officer at the front door that says he has the authority to take my baby!"

Jack: (yelling from the kitchen) "Honey, don't let him in. I'll be right there."

Jack: (rushing to the front door Jack addresses the officer) "What's the meaning of this? You have no reason to take our son. Let me see your identification." (the officer pulls out his badge and identification)

CPS Officer: (standing with his hand on his gun) "We have had an anonymous complaint from one of your neighbors that told us you are abusing your child." (Susan starts screaming)

Jack: (with indignation) "Anonymous complaint!!!!! Who ever said it, it's a lie. We have not been mistreating our son whatsoever. We love our son. Who is this neighbor?"

CPS Officer: "That's confidential information. We don't have to reveal the source of the complaint. We're duty bound and authorized by law to investigate any child abuse complaint. You need to hand over your child immediately while we investigate."

Jack: (with greater indignation in his voice) "Over my dead body. Do you have a legal warrant or court order to take my son?"

CPS Officer: "I don't need a warrant. (yes, he does) Hand over your son now, or you are in violation of the law and I'll arrest both of you for obstruction of justice." (The officer reaches for the baby but Susan moves farther back into the house and holds her baby even tighter, not willing to let go. Jack moves in front of the officer to protect his wife and baby.)

Jack: (to the CPS officer) "We are law abiding citizens and we have not abused our son in any way. You're not going to take our baby, so get off our property, immediately."

CPS Officer: "OK, but I'll be back and this time I will be accompanied by a SWAT team."

Jack slams the door shut. He and Susan now have to worry what is next for them. Could they lose their baby to government authorities without cause, at the point of a gun? And if they do, what is their recourse? Why is government meddling in their lives? How did we come from individual freedom and unalienable rights to this?

"Reason on-line" wrote recently that: "Even if President Trump's new order keeps immigrant families at the border from being torn asunder, we still live in a country where the government can seize children from perfectly loving, competent parents. It happens all the time, and not just to immigrant families. American citizens are forced to deal with these injustices, thanks to the actions of child protective services."

"In a single year, 2016, the number of children placed in foster care was 273,539. As the National Coalition for Child Protection put it, 'the number of children separated from their parents at the border since April is almost equal to the number taken by U.S. child protective services (CPS) every three days.'"

NOTE: If you receive a visit from Child Protective Services (CPS), DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOME unless CPS presents a warrant or court order, signed and dated by a judge. After the visit, document in a memorandum, everything you can remember about the encounter, including the date and time. Sign it and keep it for reference. Be sure to get the officer's name, badge number, and request he show his identification. Say as little as possible, because what you say can be used against you. (For guidance when visited by a government agent, use our "Public Servant Questionnaire.") Contact a CPS attorney to determine your rights. Also, caution your children to NOT talk to ANY officer, or anyone else for that matter, that comes to the front door. The officer will pump the child for information that a child will give innocently, information you may not want the officer to know. Also, consider installing our "REVOCATION OF IMPLIED LICENSE" No Trespass sign. This sign legally revokes the U. S. Supreme Court-sanctioned "implied license" that every government agent or law enforcement officer has to trespass on your property. Many positive statements from those that have installed the sign are a testament to the sign's effectiveness.

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All over America, government agents and law enforcement, supported by very restrictive laws passed by your representatives in local, state and the federal government, are invading the lives of American citizens on issues that would have caused a revolution, if in-acted 100 years ago. They care more about giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens, but harass, intimidate and persecute lawful Americans. America has become a police state.

There was a recent case of a farmer that planted wheat on his 450-acre farm in Northern California. To do so he tilled the soil, as any farmer would, to ready the ground for seed application. An Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Agent was driving by and noticed that the tilling took place over some low spots in the ground. These small low spots, called vernal pools, would collect water after a rainstorm and then slowly percolate back into the soil. There loss to tilling would be inconsequential, except to a radical environmentalist. But COE called these vernal pools "Waters of the United States" under the Clean Water Act and charged the farmer with "filling in a wetland." The farmer sued the government requesting all information about the violation under the due process clause of the U. S. Constitution. The government counter sued the farmer and if found guilty, the farmer faced $45,000,000 in fines and penalties. Not wanting to take that risk at trial, the farmer settled with the government for about $1,100,000. So the farmer became a victim of government extortion, coercion and blackmail for an infinitesimal reduction in all the wetlands that exist on the planet. Ludicrous!

That is how crazy it has gotten under the rule by Democrat socialists and radical environmentalists. There are tens of thousands of American that have met the same government-extortion fate. Ask the owners of Gibson Guitars about government extortion, why they were raided and the costs they had to pay? Just ask Roger Stone why he was the victim of an early morning SWAT team raid under the Mueller investigation, while none of the Hillary Clinton clan received the same treatment for the same violations of the law? We know because somehow CNN, by a strange coincidence, just happened to be there during the raid.

Much of what we are enduring today is the result of institutionalized corruption and too many laws. You think you are a law-abiding citizen, don't you? Think again! You have been, you are now, and you will continue to break the law for the rest of your life, because there are too many laws, with millions more laws to follow. Many of these laws are totally unconstitutional but have never been challenged in the courts.

Sometimes you break the law without any knowledge of it, even though ignorance of the law is not an excuse, if you are caught. But worse, millions of Americans are breaking the law because they are convinced the laws are illegal or just plain stupid. With more people intentionally breaking the law, eventually the rule of law breaks down, as does our Republic. In a sour twist of injustice, millions of illegal aliens are breaking our law and being rewarded for it, on the backs of the legal American taxpayer.

The examples of stupid laws would fill volumes. Examples of conflicting laws would fill even more volumes. It turns out that most lawmakers just aren't very smart. Most of them are attorneys.

Since the final draft of the U. S. Constitution became the Supreme Law of the Land, legislators have been legislating, that is they have been passing law ..... after law ..... after law. Do you want to know why you are an unwitting criminal? Here is why. “The U.S. Code, which contains all federal statutes, occupies 56,009 single-spaced pages. Its 47 volumes take up nine feet of shelf space. An annotated version, which attempts to bring order out of chaos, is three feet long and has 230 hardcover volumes and 36 paperback supplements. Administrative lawmaking under statutes fill up the 207-volume Code of Federal Regulations, which spans 21 feet of shelf space and contains more than 134,488 pages of regulatory law. … Federal law is further augmented by more than 2,756 volumes of judicial precedent, taking up 160 yards (almost twice as long as a football field) of law-library shelving.” (These statistics are now several years old, while the number of laws has increased dramatically.)

This is just federal law and it is growing by the second. All of this federal law does not include the millions of state, county and city laws that have been passed since we won our freedom in our first revolution. State and local laws are also growing by the second.

Too many laws create competing special interests that lobby the system to entrench their own little worlds, while the un-represented (that's millions of Americans) are left out in the cold. America has become a government of cronyism, in a world run by cronies, in an atmosphere of corruption, Hell bent on driving America and Americans into unabashed socialism and the one-world-order.

Too many laws create victims who inadvertently violate one or more laws and spend their life's savings trying to defend themselves against an intransigent, all-powerful and abusive government. Too many laws lead to powerful, entitled special interests and the innocent victims are left with no political power at all.

Interestingly, America contains an almost ghostly silent majority .... mostly silent and heard from rarely. Most of this group is just trying to live out their lives as best they can, earn a living and raise their children in a country they thought was the land of the free. You know, a government they could trust, a government that protects the unalienable, individual rights as granted to us by our creator and codified into law by our constitution, and a government that operates within the enumerated powers allowed them by that very same constitution.

Unfortunately, in the silent majority's silence, their government, without the silent majority's consent, assumed powers that far exceeded their constitutional powers. They passed laws to pander to (or buy off) constituency or special interest groups, or to increase their political powers and then levied ever-increasing taxes to pay for it all, leading to an ever-rising national debt. Even as the regulations rose exponentially and as taxes became more burdensome, the silent majority, to their discredit, still remained silent. Their silence, their apathy and their disinterest in what government has been and is doing, has unknowingly turned each and everyone of them into criminals ..... law breakers, who can be subject to fines and imprisonment for violating laws they know nothing about.

That is why a CPS officer can come to your door and take your away child by force, without cause. Too many insane laws are why lawful citizens are being harassed, coerced, extorted, black mailed, or thrown in jail by government agents, enforcing too many laws.

If the silent majority remains silent for much longer, there will be no stopping the avalanche of socialism, radical environmentalism and the rush to one-world-order that will crush everything in its path. We have tried for 14 years to get people motivated to take on a corrupt government of too many laws, but there were too few interested. The American people just aren't in the mood, or are too afraid to take on the roll of the "Consent of the Governed" and hold their government accountable.

Sadly and in the end, people get what they deserve, by their actions or inactions, as the case may be. Will the American people wait until a CPS Officer knocks on their door to take their baby away, or haul them off to jail, in an overt and growing abuse of police power? Probably! The German people did, which led to World War 2 and tens of millions of unnecessary deaths. What America needs is more "Mavericks" to preserve and defend freedom.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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