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The Deepening Twilight=

"America Is On The Threshold Of A Deepening Twilight"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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"Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas."

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was the embodiment of the American free spirit. No, he wasn't perfect. Fortunately however, he materialized on the American scene before America became the country of "I can't" or, "you'd better not", or "it's against the law." Many like Ford have gone before him and many more will follow him, because that bright star that is America, is a breeding ground for new bright stars almost every day, in spite of the doom and gloom that we see through the distorted window, into which we observe reality.

A star is born in our apparently infinite Universe as the result of two opposing forces, gravity and nuclear energy. A whirling ball of hydrogen gas, the most prevalent element in the Universe, starts to condense, as gravity pulls the hydrogen atoms closer together. As gravity increases the density of the hydrogen, the friction of the atoms crashing into each other, starts to create immense heat. Finally, the heat rises to the point (nuclear fusion) that atoms of hydrogen are fused into atoms of helium at an un-imaginable rate. At the point of fusion, massive amounts of energy radiate into the void and a star is born. The heat and light from the new star bring forth life into the Heavens.

The gravity of the infant star reaches out its tentacles into the disc shape of gas that surrounds the star, where the accretion of gas and rock have been condensed into planets. The planets then begin their long journey around the mother star in the grip of her gravity, until the mother star finally writhes in the death throes of its red giant and white dwarf phases, 8 or 10 billions years after the star's birth. At the point where the inner planets are consumed by their mother, the Universe won't take a single notice of the event, as stars are dying and being born every second, somewhere in the cosmos.

Some balls of hydrogen gas are so immense they create super stars, many times the size of our Sun. As the nuclear forces start to decline, at the end of the star's normal nuclear life, the force of gravity begins to crunch the star like a vice such that a sugar cube of material could weigh 100 billion tons. At a certain point, the rising nuclear forces resulting from the increasing gravity, explodes the star in a super nova, sending the expanding gas and debris out into space at 600,000 miles per hour, annihilating anything and everything in its path. The visible light from the super nova can be seen from billions of light years away, billions of years back in time. The light from the super nova can be many times brighter than the light from all the stars in the galaxy, in which the super nova star resides.

America was also born out of two opposing forces, government oppression and the insatiable and unstoppable human desire for freedom. As the "heat" began to rise from the tightening grip of King George the III on the colonialists, the inhabitants of this new land on a new continent, reached critical mass and a unique new country was born out of revolution, a country that is the brightest star of any country that ever formed on this third planet from our mother star, the Sun. America was and is the super nova of all other countries and will remain so, if her bright light of liberty is not snuffed out by apathy, neglect, in-attention, treachery and treason from within.

The American people (millions of them) are the energy that keeps the star of America shining brightly and they radiate her message of freedom into the depths of depravity, despair, corruption and savagery that exist in so many other parts of our world. Her technology, industriousness, creativity, production and generosity reaches out and touches almost every other person on the planet. That energy is the product of living under the umbrella of liberty. That umbrella of liberty has its foundation in our natural, God-given rights, codified into law by our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.

But serious cracks have formed in America's foundation and serious efforts are needed to shore up those cracks. If the cracks are allowed to expand, at a certain point, no amount of effort will be able to fill them, the foundation will collapse and a free America will be no more. Fear of this deepening twilight has gripped us.

Deep in the recesses of our brains, lies a hidden dread from the long, perilous days and nights in the mountains, steppes, jungles, deserts and the grassy plains of tens of thousands of years ago. A leftover dread no doubt, from our caveman existence, where our fears were not confined to our nightmares, but in reality itself. Death stalked the day and the night in the form of stealthy carnivores (animal and human), in a pre-historic land where humans had not yet reached the top of the food chain and were in fact, the hunted, as well as the hunter.

As our Sun sets on the western horizon, sometimes in unequaled splendor of a thousand changing colors, sometimes in an iridescent flaming yellow and then orange, sometimes hidden behind the clouds in a deepening twilight, we grow almost unconsciously uneasy and seek the light and warmth of our homes and the company of loved ones to escape the approaching darkness.

Even our children fear the night. Many young children go through what are called night terrors. It is not a learned fear from their environment, but an inherited one. All three of our grand children experienced night terrors in one form or another, in their pre-school years. To calm their fears we tried reasoning with them, explaining that nothing was there in the dark that wasn't there in the light of day. But that inherent, built-in irrational fear of the night would not be overcome so easily by logic or reason. They wanted their night-light, period and they wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Sometimes we gave in, sometimes we didn't.

Yes, our children eventually grow out of it, but that fear lies semi-dormant in most adults, civilized or aborigine, that are not accustomed to sharing the night with the carnivores (man or beast) that lurk in the dark shadows, outside the perceived protection and security of our homes.

So each day, we proceed from day to night with subconscious trepidation. Lingering in the back of our minds, we wonder if we will ever see the Sun again. Will death or severe illness come in the dark of night? Will this be our last night on Earth? Will the power of government consume us? Nevertheless, in spite of our fears, we have the "faith" that the Sun will rise again and provide us the light on the coming morrow that will illuminate our way, on a brand new day.

And so it is with fear and trepidation, we transition from the bright light of 230 plus years of American liberty to the darkening skies of government-instituted tyranny and socialism and maybe even fascism. We fear for our liberty, our security and our lives. We fear for our children's future. We fear for our beloved America. Will she continue under the flag of freedom, or will she descend into the depths of depravity, mind-numbing mediocrity, bankruptcy and slavery? Are we to be consumed by the growing national and international power of those who would enslave us all, or will the strength of our belief in individual freedom and liberty be enough to overcome the evil beast that is Hell bent on wrapping us in chains?

As we have faith that the night will soon turn to the welcome light of day, so too we must have faith that the twilight of tyranny we now enter, as our Sun of Freedom descends into the deepening darkness, will ultimately end in a new day of liberty, on a not-too-distant horizon. We can hold that faith because the spark of freedom in the minds of the preponderance of Americans, is unique to any culture or country on Earth and it shall not, it will not, be extinguished. American liberty is like bubbles in the sea that always rise to the surface in search of the freedom to fly "free" in the open sky.

As we wrote in our book, "Stare Deep Into the Cosmos", "he who looks down shall see a very narrow horizon, but he who looks up, shall feast on all of heaven." As Americans who are free in thought and deed, we must start the daily and nightly practice of looking up, if we are to have the courage to re-claim our freedom.

Although silent we may be, when united, people of freedom have the power to climb over any obstacle, root out any corruption, or replace any tyrannical government. The difficult challenge lies before us, the place is here in America, the time is now and the world is watching what we do. This author has the unshakable confidence that true, brave and courageous Americans are up to the challenge and will ultimately prevail. As we pass into a "night" of gathering uncertainty, so too will we pass into a new dawn of freedom, just as we did the year freedom was born, and like then, we will be born anew.

Today, the American people are still capable of collective heroism and the challenge to abusive authority, just as they were during the revolution that set us free. We see the growing signs of that emerging heroism almost every day now. That those in government and on the left, are becoming aware of this rising tide is evident by their irrational panic to pass more controlling legislation and "sending hither onto our land, evil agents to eat out our substance" .. before all Hell breaks loose.

Let us emphasize that there is no other country like America and there are no people like the American people, anywhere on earth. Freedom is burned into their souls and the brave ones, the collective American heroes, will not let freedom die, no matter what it takes to preserve it.

So we say to those who oppose individual liberty, the gift from our creator, we are right and you are wrong, because freedom is right and slavery is wrong; achievement and to strive for excellence is right and free loading, sloth and mediocrity are wrong; independence and self-reliance are right and dependence is wrong. We also say to those who work to tear down America's liberty, sovereignty and its moral and ethical values, your time is drawing to a close. In the end, we have no doubt that we shall prevail, just like we prevailed on the day that freedom was born when "..... a shot was fired, a shot heard 'round the world."

Stand steady and strong. Tyranny and corruption will be challenged on all fronts. The threshold for a peaceful American revolution is at hand. Wait for it, because it is coming. It is now "they" that fear us and as we gather strength, we shall no longer fear "them." At the very moment our fear is gone, our Sun of Freedom will burst forth on the horizon.

But like all births, "some pain through adversity will come with the escape from the hidden dread of the deepening twilight." Because you see, adversity is the forge that molds our strength and courage and is the only true lesson for life and survival. When we eliminate adversity, as government has done and is still doing, the people grow weak, apathetic, sloppy and mediocre. Weak, apathetic, sloppy and mediocre people are easy to subjugate and enslave.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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