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No Worries=

"America Is Doing Great. Not To Worry"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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Life is good in America. The economy is humming along at a brisk pace. Millions of Americans have jobs, money in their pockets and in their bank accounts. People live in nice homes, drive expensive cars and take enjoyable vacations. Those other problems don't matter. Food is plentiful, gas is relatively cheap and there are thousands of ways to be entertained. Certainly, in light of the good times, there is no need to worry about those other problems.

Most of our civil rights are still in tack. We have free speech, well sort of, unless you are on a college campus where liberal thought and speech reign, or you are a member of the alleged "free" press. We mostly have freedom of religion. We can assemble peaceably and seek redress from government without being arrested, even though government doesn't listen. The print and electronic news media provides ample news for us to chew on and determine for ourselves if what they are providing is factual. Media bias and those other issues don't matter.

The 2nd Amendment, giving the right of every person to own firearms, is still in force. But the Democrats are doing everything in their power to erode that right. The United Nations, to which America is a member, has issued policy statements stating that all firearms must be removed from the masses. England and Australia, both Western Democracies, complied with the UN policies and confiscated the people's firearms by force. When will America follow suit? If it weren't for the NRA the Democrats would have gotten their way long ago.

No, America's military or national guard have not taken up residence in a person's home (the 3rd Amendment) ..... yet, but heavily armed SWAT teams have invaded the wrong person's home on way too many occasions.

We are relatively free from illegal search and seizures, (4th Amendment) unless of course a person violates one of the ten "gillion" laws and bureaucratic rules the government has passed. Then there is the civil forfeiture rule that allows government to legally steal. Further, government is now getting criminal warrants for land use and environmental violations, where before these were civil violations. As we have seen, criminal warrants are very easy to obtain. Just ask the DOJ, the CIA, the DNI, the FBI, Andy McCabe, James Comey and Carter Page.

The 5th Amendment provides for just compensation if the government TAKES a person's property. But pursuant to a U. S. Supreme Court decision, the government can TAKE up to 95% of a person's property before a TAKING has occurred for which just compensation must be paid. The 5th Amendment also preserves the right of a person not to incriminate him or her self, but that doesn't apply to IRS income tax returns, where a person waives his or her right to 5th Amendment protection by signing the perjury statement on IRS Form 1040 when there is no way a taxpayer can be sure that his or her tax return is accurate, with over 70,000 pages of IRS rules.

Then of course each person has a right to a speedy trial under the 6th Amendment, except that a speedy trial now means two years or more before your case can come to trial while you rot in jail even if you are innocent. We suppose that in some minds, especially attorneys that make $300 to $600 an hour, two years could be considered a speedy trial.

Under the 7th Amendment the right of a jury trial shall be preserved but unfortunately that doesn't apply to fines and penalties levied by the Internal Revenue Service. In place of a jury trial Americans get the Kangaroo Tax Court, or just illegal seizures of money and property under "color of law."

Of course the government is limited in what fines they can impose under the 8th Amendment wherein it states that "excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor shall cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." The fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is authorized to fine a property owner up to $37,500 per day if the landowner does not comply with the Clean Water Act, probably isn't considered an "excessive fine" in the minds of high-paid government bureaucrats.

Now the 9th and 10th Amendments are still sitting there in the U. S. Constitution, but have little meaning any more as the federal government buys states off with their own money to get them to capitulate to federal demands.

Now all those other pesky little problems don't really matter, do they?

A majority of the American people don't think it matters or cares that the nation is over $20 Trillion in debt and rising rapidly. The Congress just passed a $1.3 Trillion spending bill with both Republicans and Democrats voting for it, without any offset in spending. Add that to the natinal debt for your children and grandchildren to pay.

It doesn't matter to most Americans that millions of illegal aliens have invaded America, both peaceful and criminal, and they suck up billions of dollars from productive Americans for their subsistence, while they protest in the streets for rights they don't have. It doesn't matter that some states and cities have declared themselves sanctuary cities and states and purposely ignore federal immigration law and enforcement. It doesn't matter that these same illegal alien criminals come back into America multiple times after being deported and commit heinous crimes against lawful Americans ..... you know, like Kate Steinle of San Francisco.

It doesn't matter that the Federal Government nationalized the entire American Health Care system and sent it reeling into chaos, where a political fix is now impossible, as the Republicans just found out. Your Democrat representatives gave you Obama Care. Isn't representative government just grand? Your representatives, both Democrat and Republican, are spending you into oblivion, while you do what ..........?

It doesn't matter that huge percentages of American children don't have biological fathers in their homes any more because of government subsidized welfare benefits that make a mother lose her benefits if she gets married. Over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock and grow up without fathers. That is a cultural nightmare of a huge magnitude and results in rising dysfunctional families, drugs, crime, incarcerations and billions of dollars in public expenditures. But then, so what? We're a rich country.

It doesn't really matter that environmental protections laws have all but eliminated private property rights in America. It doesn't matter that UN's Agenda 21 policies of smart growth and sustainable development includes crammed-in-together high-rise apartments with shopping and businesses in the same building on rapid transit routes. This is so people can walk or take their bicycles to work and GET OUT OF THEIR CARS. Government and environmentalists hate cars. But cars were the next order of freedom of movement after the horse that Americans crave but government and environmentalists don't want us in our cars and are doing everything in their power to limit that freedom.

It doesn't matter that we have to pay for very expensive rapid transit that only transports a fraction of the population. Meanwhile, roads and bridges are crumbling beneath the tires of our trucks and cars.

It doesn't matter that we are being forced into high-dense communities containing houses with no yards and no place for the kids to play. All this is a national and international drive to put more and more people in higher and higher densities where they can be more easily controlled by government and vote for liberals for more social programs. All rural areas are off limits. They are only for animals, plants and trees.

After all, why should it matter that our entire judicial system has been co-opted behind our backs in favor of admiralty/commercial law (Uniform Commercial Code - UCC) instead of constitutional common law. How did that happen?

It doesn't matter that our public schools and colleges have become government institutions of socialist and environmental brainwashing and indoctrination. Why do you suppose that government wants to set up government-run pre-schools? It's not to help parents. It is so they can start brainwashing American children at a very early age when they are most vulnerable, in order to make them compliant little government robots.

It doesn't matter that the IRS is totally out of control and has become a political weapon for certain Administrations that illegally use the IRS to squelch or penalize conservative speech. Hey, that's just politics.

It doesn't matter that the nuclear family is breaking down. Sadly, what that means for the entire American culture is dire indeed.

And it doesn't seem to matter that millions of Americans (mostly between the ages of 16 and 45) are compelled by some evil force to get them high on drugs or alcohol. They are over-dosing at unprecedented and increasing rates. Maybe that is nature's way of population thinning.

Yes, life is good in America. So why should anyone worry about all those other pesky little problems?

It follows that if none of these problems matter and too few care, nothing will change. If nothing will change the problems will only get worse and they are. Rush Limbaugh has talked a lot on radio for 30 years, but he hasn't made a difference. Sean Hannity (Fox News) does what he can but nothing changes. The news media is a lost cause.

After over 12 years of failing to get people involved in making a difference and taking into account that the lion's share of the votes rest in the urban liberal camp, nothing of substance will change without a natural, or man-made drastic event.

Without intervention, the fate of America is pre-ordained. The unalienable rights of the Constitution will become meaningless. Individual freedom will be replaced by the priority of the collective. America will continue to spend money it doesn't have, for votes, until America becomes a third-world broke banana republic beset with hyperinflation. The resistance against one-world-order will diminish to the point where America WILL BE merged into World Government because "them's with the gold" rule and the masses don't own the gold.

Remember? FDR took the gold away from the people in 1933, which meant that every single American dollar is not an asset with value but a debt with an obligation. Americans are on the hook for that obligation that they had no choice in approving. Nor are the masses sovereign any more as they were intended to be.

If you think what we have described here is doom and gloom without substance, you aren't reading the tealeaves and your head is planted firmly in the sand. It is very likely the Democrats will take one or both Houses of Congress in November of 2018. Not that it would make any difference since both parties are the same.

Just look at the millions of "kids" that turned out all around America for more gun control last weekend. What they really want is the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Where are the armed freedom fighters turning out by the millions for freedom? No where!

The hard fact is, no one is going to do anything about all these other pesky little problems until such time the only solution will be a violent one and the "shot heard round the world" will ring in our ears once more in a repeat of 1775. But this time the outcome will not be a re-birth of freedom. It instead will be a forceful subjugation of the planet's masses dancing to a slave chant, written, produced and directed by "them's with the gold."

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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