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"Environmentalism - Building Block of Global Government"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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Straw man: .... is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of the original topic of argument. To be successful, a straw man argument requires that the audience be ignorant or uninformed of the original argument.

One of the easiest ways to control or manipulate the average individual is to create a straw man argument and then convince that individual with strained logic, or all kinds of scientific mumbo-jumbo, that the argument is true. The uninformed individual will buy the argument because he has insufficient knowledge to refute it. The next easiest way to control or manipulate the average individual is to make them feel guilty about their actions and how those actions impact the straw man (fallacy) argument. Since the average individual is not very well informed, straw man arguments are very effective.

Use of the straw man argument to control the population of an entire planet is not that difficult. Those wishing to control the planet, for whatever reason, (usually power and money) first invent the straw man, then they create the guilt attached to the straw man. The first invented straw man was the earth's environment and how man is impacting the environment by his alleged damaging behavior, thus creating "GUILT." The second invented straw man was Social Justice and how the wealthy nations and individuals should feel guilty about all the poor people in the world and the absolute obligation of the wealthy to share (by force) their alleged "ill-gotten" wealth with the poor ..... more "GUILT."

Never let it be said that the moneychangers would not find profit when government invents a straw man. The Environment and Social Justice straw man arguments each require wealth re-distribution to implement the government policies developed to solve the invented straw man dilemma. Who profits from wealth re-distribution ..... the moneychangers?

In support of the environment, the straw man argument is that life-giving Earth is a precious resource for all humans, therefore it cannot be subjected to the "inadequacies" of the average man or the capital markets and must be owned, managed and regulated by the "Wise Ones." Who are the "Wise Ones?" Government of course and the special interests that infiltrate government and control it, like environmentalists, socialists, corporations, unions and the moneychangers.

The so-called "Wise Ones" snuck into our lives in the dead of night, like all thieves, shoved these Environment and Social Justice straw man arguments down our collective throats, triggered our collective guilt and stole our liberty while we were sleeping. The President and the Democrats did the same thing with Obama Care. But in that case, they lied through their teeth to get us to believe that Obama Care was the greatest thing since the invention of electricity. Lying to get their way is a way of life for the inventors of the straw man. Liberals are especially clever at lying and creating straw men arguments. If you don't think they lie, just listen to Senator Harry Reid every now and then. President Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. He and Harry Reid are, without a doubt, pathological liars.

In any event, we will confine this article to government's effort to join the move to form a global government using the environmental straw man. Radical environmentalism, which it has now become, is a fraud perpetrated on a nave public that doesn't know any better, because most of them are ignorant or don't care. Man-caused global warming (now Climate Change), the Kyoto Treaty and other environmental laws and treaties are bunk and most informed people know it. If you don't think so, read this Report by the CATO Institute on what the IPCC left out of its last report on Climate Change. Do they lie or purposely omit information to promote their radical environmental agenda? You bet they do!

"CATO Instituted Report"

To corroborate the CATO Institute Report, read this article from the Wall Street Journal.

"Wall Street Journal Article"

Huge numbers of environmental organizations (NGO's) and millions of "believers" have been built up around the environment straw man. Other special interests our now profiting by the actions government takes to manage the environment by controlling the behavior of the people through their guilt. Al Gore, the great purveyor and con man of the environment straw man, stands to profit handsomely when governments implement the Cap and Trade scheme, which forces alleged polluters to pay non-polluters, national and international. Since all fund transfers tend to be brokered, Cap and Trade funds would flow through one of the Cap and Trade broker firms in which Al Gore has a huge interest.

The radical environmentalist's philosophy, propaganda and agenda is "protect the environment at all costs", the U. S. Constitution and the rights of free American citizens and property owners be damned. Contrary to their belief, humans are not a stain on the Earth. We are in fact part of the evolutionary and natural processes of Earth and those processes, not environmentalists or governments, will determine the final outcome. We will but only tickle the grander elements such as the Sun, the moon and the Earth itself, along with the Solar System, if not the Milky Way Galaxy, none of which is predictable to any degree of accuracy and do not lend themselves to modeling for long periods of time. A few spewing volcanoes, or an episode of Sunspots, a large asteroid, or changing ocean currents, can totally invalidate any computer models. The variables are just too great to model and the scientists and the "Wise Ones" know it, lying all the way to the bank to collect their climate change grant money, paid for by the taxpayers they are trying to dupe. Who are the stupid ones in this scenario?

Governments, including the U. S. Government and the environmentalists, have brainwashed an entire civilization into believing that environmental protection has a higher priority than American constitutional rights, protections and safeguards and perpetrated on free citizens by a now rogue and oppressive U. S. Government that has lost all allegiance to the U. S. Constitution. (IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obama Care, etc.)

Government and the environmentalists have taken over every state in America with unconstitutional environmental laws, all the while beating the drums of the "environment" into the heads of naive citizens who live in big cities. But it is the rural landowner that is taking it on the chin. Government has disenfranchised rural landowners and made them victims of government's environmental crimes. They have decimated an entire culture of loggers, mill operators and wood product employees in the Pacific Northwest and forced them into bankruptcy and divorce and scattered them to the four winds because of the government's and environmentalist's distorted desire to "save" one stupid owl that was going extinct for natural causes that had nothing to do with logging or loss of habitat. The real fact is that 99.9% of all species that ever lived on Earth are now extinct and the Endangered Species Act is bad legislation for that very reason and should be repealed. The government and environmentalists use junk science to win their battles and extort monies from naive citizens to fund their radical agendas in court.

Environmentalists have the mistaken, naive and dangerous mindset that privately held, rural land is their land to do with as they will, but it isn't. Rural lands belong to the millions of individuals that own it in fee-simple title and paid for or inherited it and the inviolate right to own that land by those individuals is supposedly protected by the 5th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, that is if anyone is abiding by the Constitution. Environmentalists don't own the rural lands and neither does any State or the Federal Government.

Environmentalists have stopped oil refineries, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants from being built for over 30 years. Regulations on coal-fired power plants have become so restrictive that no new plants are being built and older ones are being shut down. Environmentalists have stopped drilling for oil in areas of known government land and water oil reserves. That's why energy costs are rising and a gallon of gas is now around $3.50 and will not likely come down. That is why our electric generating capacity is at or near maximum, which can cause brown and black outs during peak load times.

Environmentalists, in concert with radical international environmentalists, are trying to lock up private lands in the U. S. for biospheres and wildlife corridors without compensating the owners of the private lands they want to take. The unnecessary cost for overt and radical environmental protection has been in the Trillions of dollars since it became in vogue and it has severely weakened our economic engine, reduced our power capacity and eroded our constitutional form of government almost beyond repair.

In the image accompanying this article, we show the building blocks necessary to obtain a global government, operated of course, by the "Wise Ones". Almost every building block shown in that image has been accomplished by government. Although Americans still have the right to own guns under the 2nd Amendment, almost every individual in every other country on the planet, has lost their right to own guns. All other countries have been disarmed, except America and Switzerland.

All land, food, water, energy, money and health care are now controlled by government in one form or another. Land is controlled by draconian land use and environmental ordinances, local, state and federal. The American landowner has been systematically disenfranchised from the political process and cannot control his or her own land any more, even under the 5th Amendment.

The Food and Drug Administration controls all food production and sales in America, leading to raids by the government on farm coops that exchange food in a barter system. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers soon will control all water in America when the U. S. Congress passes the Clean Water Restoration Act. Both of these agencies already act as if they do control all water in America. The EPA and the Department of the Interior also control the implementation of the Endangered Species Act, which has a devastating impact on land ownership throughout America. God help the landowner that has an eagle nest on his or her property.

The Department of Energy controls all energy in America. Forms of Cap and Trade schemes have been implemented such that massive wealth re-distribution is already underway from rich to poor countries.

The Federal Reserve, a privately owned entity that is neither federal or a reserve, controls all of America's money.

Added to this excessive government control of land, food, water, energy and money comes Obama Care, which now controls all health care in America. The deleterious impact on individual freedom and free choice from this new law is incalculable.

The Department of Homeland Security is now the federal government policeman of all Americans with the weapons it needs to implement total enforcement and with the capability to do to Americans what Russia just did to the Crimea in the Ukraine.

The Department of Education controls all education in America and has implemented global govern-ment indoctrination throughout K-12 and college education, using the now exposed Common Core State Standards, Race to The Top and No Child Left Behind policies and laws, all designed towards liberalism and global government.

For the last 100 plus years, the flawed ideology of Liberalism has been slowly inserted into every single American institution, from public education, to academia, to the news media, to banking, to the economy, to the body politic and to the law itself. Liberal policies are leading directly to the bankrupting of America. Liberalism, for all intents and purposes, is America and America is slowly losing its individual freedom and sovereignty, on its way to global government.

Radical environmentalism is just one of the building blocks to global government and has already been implemented into American law. Most of the other building blocks are already in place, except one. The only thing left for the U. S. Government to do, to fully install global government in control of the "Wise Ones", is the enactment of the last building block, taking away our guns, and that is happening by increments throughout America, even through subtle inferences in elementary public education. This last bastion of freedom is the only thing that stands between God-given unalienable rights, as envisioned by our Founders, and global government. If our guns are taken away, the "Wise Ones'" goal to implement global government will have been completed.

The Founders inserted the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights, codified into law in the U. S. Constitution, for this very reason. Lose the 2nd Amendment and America falls into the bottomless abyss and abject tyranny of global government.

If you are a rural landowner, you don't want to miss our video "Rural America In The Cross Hairs."

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart is now engaged in a plan to expose the Internal Revenue Service with his website "Attack Watch Spies". He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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