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"Without People and Money, There Is No Solution"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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ďThe Government of the absolute majority instead of the Government of the people is but the Government of the strongest interests; and when not efficiently checked, it is the most tyrannical and oppressive that can be devised.Ē

John C. Calhoun

Many years ago, as we entered the 20th Century, we were a different stock of people. We were defiant in our freedom and we rejected or purged what we considered infringements on that freedom. We didn't let important things slide or look the other way like we do now. The truth is, had government instituted all the laws and restrictions it has now placed on the people of America, but they had done it 100 years ago all at once, there would have been a revolution that would have made the American Revolution and the Civil War pale in comparison. Has government become the enemy of the people in some ways? It would seem so.

But ladies and gentlemen, you cannot fight an enemy if you cannot see him. You have no defense if you are surrounded in darkness but your enemy controls the light. You have no options if you cannot pierce the veil of your enemy's deceit. There is absolutely no defense if you cloak yourself in ignorance, or convince yourself that the enemy is not there. But rest assured, the enemy is lurking just outside your door and your door will not protect you or your children from government coming inside and destroying your blind tranquility that you thought was freedom. The American government is now all-powerful. They own the law and the capability to enforce it, by whatever means and they are determined to do it. You will be subjugated or you will be fined, or you will go to jail, or you may just disappear.

That enemy is knocking on your door right now but you don't know it, or choose to ignore it. And if you don't open it, the enemy will break the door down and come in anyway. They will take your children away and put them in government-run indoctrination and propaganda schools, just as Japanese Americans were locked up in internment camps at the start of World War II. But wait a minute! Your children are already in federal government-run indoctrination and propaganda schools, or didn't you know that? What do you suppose Common Core State Standard education, or collectivism, or political correctness, or multi-culturalism, or the one-world-order represent?

The difference is, you have willingly given your children to the state and are exposing them to that indoctrination and propaganda without so much as a whimper in opposition. You have been doing it for decades. The government uses the public school system and colleges to institutionalize an agenda and that agenda has nothing to do with the three ďRísĒ, reading, ďritingĒ and ďrithmetic.Ē That agenda is to make all of our school children into compliant adults that wonít complain when they are oppressed, or will act as snitches to the government if a ďmaverickĒ reveals him or her self. Hitler would be proud.

Now, the people have allowed government to become so powerful, they fear its wrath. We have let frontier justice, wherein we did not fear government, morph into absolute power by government in a police state where we are deathly afraid of government. People are hesitant to raise their heads above the noise level for fear it could be chopped off, figuratively speaking of course. Our lives are comfortable and we are very reticent about upsetting our precarious apple cart. But those who fall afoul of the law through no fault of their own cannot escape the long hand of government by hiding in the shadows. They become sacrificial lambs to government's power and those in close proximity to the victim scurry for cover, saying to themselves "..... thank God it wasn't me". This is equivalent to running from the battlefield while the real heroes hold the enemy at bay, or advance upon the enemy. The federal government is reading our articles and rifling through our website all the time. We have put ourselves in danger just for writing this.

Those that continue to say that Americaís best days are ahead of us are delusional. Its best days can hardly be ahead of us, if the last three generations have been brainwashed in the public school system, a school system that has dumped out millions of dunderhead idiots that believe everything the government tells them, including the fraud that is man-caused global warming. Why else would millions of Americans vote for a Barack Obama, a Hillary Clinton, or a Bernie Sanders?

And you have to go through 100 or more colleges to find one that isnít loaded with liberal professors that have consumed gallons of the socialist-laced Cool-Aid. Most of the press has gone liberal.

But hey, whatís the problem? Life is good in America. Most people arenít going hungry and the poor do better in America than anywhere on the planet. Only 93,000,000 people donít have jobs and have given up looking. But thatís OK, they are just living at the expense of the dumbed-down compliant taxpayer that is afraid to open his or her mouth for fear the government might raise taxes even more.

So what if the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other federal agencies are coming down hard on the rural landowner. What does the urban dweller care if a few ranchers and farmers lose their land or their way of life to abusive government agencies that donít recognize or ignore the law.

So what if the national debt is at $19 Trillion and headed to $33 Trillion in 10 years? Americaís rich. It can pay the debt back by just raising taxes, or printing more money. Canít it?

So what if ISIS is sending terrorists into the U. S. to do us harm. Weíve got the FBI. Theyíll get Ďem. Wonít they?

So what if the government has been decimating our military readiness to the point where we may become vulnerable to attack by another super power, or some Islamic splinter group like ISIS or Al Qeada that donít fear us any more.

So what if illegal aliens are flooding across the border and filling up the welfare rolls and getting ďfreeĒ money from the government for children living in Central or South America? So what if some of the thousands of those illegal aliens have evil intent in their hearts, or will vote Democrat?

So what if Obama Care is going broke and is on its way to bankrupting America. No big deal! America is a rich country. We can afford it. Canít we?

So what if all of our jobs are being shipped offshore in international trade deals that provide better benefits to foreign countries than they do to American workers and American interests? Itís OK if we reduce America to a third-world nation. We deserve it. After all, America is bad Ö.. in the Liberalís mind.

So what if the student loan debt is over $1.2 Trillion and could be the next bubble that drives America back into recession, or depression, or bankruptcy. You canít pay the loan if you donít have a job.

So what if millions of Americans live on food stamps and are getting many kinds of aid from the government, paid by the ever-shrinking taxpayer? Pretty soon there will be more people in the wagon than those pulling the wagon and those pulling the wagon will join those in the wagon. Then the wagon will stop and the people in the wagon wonít know what to do, especially if the wagon is rolling backwards and picking up speed.

So what if every government agency, at every level, is systemically corrupt, where Constitutional fundamentals are purposely ignored. The people arenít watching. They donít care what the government does.

Sure, millions of Americans know of these different problems, but then what can any of them do about it? The problems are just too big to try to solve them, arenít they? Itís hopeless, so why even expend the effort? Why indeed! Because if the effort is not expended, there will be no more free America where life is good and everything is just peachy. We will just become another third-world nation where everyone is scratching to stay alive except the very rich and government becomes a dictatorship, declares martial law, suspends the constitution (if it wasnít suspended already) and rations everything, you know, like food, gasoline, tires and toilet paper.

So many people are looking for a cheap way to reclaim freedom. Or, they are wishing for a savior that will sweep the bad guys out of the way and open the door to freedom so they donít have to lift a finger. Thatís why so many people are looking at Trump because they think he is that savior. They are delusional. One man canít save America from committing suicide.

The hard truth is, there is no John Galt, or a Ronald Reagan, showing up on the scene to set America right again and restore her values, her strength and her liberty. The people are going to have to reclaim America all by them selves, that is, if they arenít totally brainwashed by the public school system and the liberal colleges. And if they do decide to take the plunge, itís going to take millions of them to do it. Unfortunately, most people just like to talk or write about freedom. Very few ever get in the game, or pick up a sword. Thomas Paine called these people ďSunshine Patriots.Ē

In spite of what Americans are up against, they don't have to resort to frontier justice ".... to set the country right." The tools to win were handed down to us from our Founding Fathers in the form of a Constitution that took our natural, God-given, individual rights and codified them into the law of man. All we need is the courage to fearlessly proceed under those essential tools of freedom and restore the vision of those great men for our time and our children and grandchildren's time, unless we cower in fear, or refuse to challenge authority because of that fear. In a Constitutional Republic, the people have the power but only if they choose to exercise that power.

The sad reality is, you canít take on a powerful government without a large group of smart people and lots of money, just like an army canít take on an enemy without soldiers, weapons and money Ö.. lots of money. Government has the law, the attorneys, the courts, the police and your tax money to fight you. They wonít go quietly into the night.

It is abundantly clear that Americans canít restore America at the ballot box. Knowing that, we have come up with a Plan containing three viable components to get around governmentís power and the vexing problems we all face. We have uploaded a brief description of this Copyrighted Plan to our website HERE. Our solution is not dependent on which party controls Congress, or who sits in the White House. But our Plan and its viable components wonít happen without the people and it is certain that: ďThere will be No People, There will be No Organization and There is No Solution Ö.. Without the Money!Ē

Of course, you wonít be looking for a solution if you canít see or wonít admit to your self that there is a problem, or if you fear government, or if you donít care.

We do care, but it isnít enough just to write weekly articles, which we have done for the last 10 years. We have tried for five of those years to get people to ďget in the gameĒ and make a difference and even take up the sword if need be. We are ďin the game.Ē What about you?

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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