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"Mama, Your Child Is Going To Die"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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She knew the angels were near when Jessica, with a tear in her eye, looked down at little Billy. She instinctively knew there wasn't much she could do to save him. Billy's once unblemished face was now mottled with scaly lesions. His eyes were closed. His breathing was shallow and every now and then a shudder would rattle through his frail body. The doctors had given up and sent little Billy home to die.

Inside, Jessica trembled with fear. Her lovely child was near death and she felt all alone and helpless. Tom, Jessica's husband, was no help. He was angry and moped around the house shaking his fist at the wall and yelling, "how could this be happening to my son? What did we do wrong to deserve this punishment and anguish? What could we have done different to prevent little Billy from becoming sick and near death?"

Little Billy wasn't always a sickly child. He came into this world full of life, with fire in his eyes, goodness in his heart and a zest for life. His cheeks were rosy and his laugh and smile made everyone around him feel good. They would involuntarily smile when Billy smiled and laugh whenever Billy laughed. It was a happy time.

Many who saw little Billy knew there was something special about him but they couldn't quite put their finger on it. They knew he was different and unique but didn't know why. It was if Billy's new life brought light to the darkness and opened a door into a sunlit world where peace, harmony, strength and freedom could rein again on a troubled planet.

At first, Jessica and Tom beamed with joy. They couldn't wait to tell everyone the news about little Billy and how uncommonly delightful he was. The news of his birth and his uniqueness spread far and wide. People traveled many miles to see little Billy, as if he was the magnet and they were the paper clip. Jessica and Tom had brought this beautiful child into the world that seemed to be the promise of all things good, wholesome and true.

Sadly, Jessica and Tom couldn't know that serious trouble lurked menacingly in their future, where their lives would be shattered and little Billy would be brought to the brink of death.

As Jessica and Tom basked in the joy of their beautiful newborn child, things began to change. Outside forces were at work to unsettle and disrupt their happy home and their loving attention to little Billy. The couple started moving in the fast lane with lots of late-night parties. Entertainment became more important to them than caring for their precious child.

Both were well educated and had high paying professional jobs, which required much time away from home. Rotating baby sitters became a way of life, depriving little Billy of the loving care of his own parents. Billy was being biologically deprived, with tragic consequences.

Jessica and Tom had lots of money but lots of money led to massive spending. Credit cards were maxed out. Second loans on their beautiful home were taken out to pay for their growing appetite for constant entertainment and new possessions.

Heated arguments over money, possessions, drinking, debt, politics and sex became more frequent. Their marriage was coming apart at the seams and they were very near bankruptcy. The only thing that kept them afloat was more borrowing. But as everyone instinctively knows, borrowing beyond the ability to pay the debt, ends in disaster.

When Jessica and Tom argued at home, little Billy would cry uncontrollably. They had trouble settling him down. Eventually, little Billy grew irritable and cranky. He wouldn't eat and threw up regularly. He would get little fevers and colds that seemed to linger longer than they should. Sometimes blemishes would appear on his body and then would go away. But the blemishes always returned.

Jessica took little Billy to the doctor, but the doctor couldn't figure out what was physically wrong with him. None of the tests could pinpoint a specific disease or diseases and no treatments seemed to work, as little Billy grew steadily worse.

Jessica and Tom tried family counseling. The counseling would work for a while but then the arguments would start all over again as pressures and debts mounted. Their lives were tumbling out of control and little Billy was getting the brunt of it. Billy, now devoid of love and nurturing, was paying the price for his parent's anger, neglect, inattention and apathy.

As Jessica looked lovingly down at her dying son, more tears streamed down her face and deep sobs racked her whole body. She tried to remember when it all started going wrong but her life with Tom seemed locked in the grip of a foggy mirage. Bad memory after bad memory rolled over and over in her mind as if to punish her and Tom for their selfishness. How could they have been so stupid as to ignore the most precious thing in their life? How did they let money, entertainment and self-indulgent behavior rob them of their responsibility to take care of the one they loved so much? How could they have let their need for self-gratification snuff the life out of little Billy's promise of peace, harmony, strength and freedom?

Tears stained her cheeks as she shook with more sobs. She looked at little Billy again and again and then, in a burst of self-recrimination, screamed to her self, "Your child is going to die and you killed him!"

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Ladies and gentlemen, it should be obvious to the reader that this fictional story was to bring a special emphasis on America's dire condition. Metaphorically, America has visible lesions on her face. Her breathing is shallow and frequent shudders are shaking her very soul. On the surface, those in power will say that America is healthy, robust, energetic and proud and it appears to be. But the truth belies the perception. Thanks to a slight temporary shift in our political world, our economy is coming back. People are getting jobs. Companies are growing, money is more available and markets are strong. But all this alleged good news ignores what is going on behind the scenes. You are not being told that the crumbling foundation of freedom upon which we stand, has irreparable cracks in it and that foundation is now perched precariously on the shifting sands of apathy, neglect and a seriously flawed ideology.

Of course, most Americans won't believe us. Several generations, including the current crop of parents and their children, have grown up in a world totally foreign to the one designed by the Founding Fathers and consider the Constitution and the foundation of freedom as passé and out of date, thanks to this seriously flawed ideology.

We have become as puppets on a string that dance to a hidden oligarch's drummer and we are not even aware of it. We are no longer individual sovereigns. We have become compliant, robot-like, 14th Amendment "citizen subjects" of government. This isn't fake news this is reality.

The costs to fix all of America's ills have risen into the millions of dollars per second, if there even is a fix. Nevertheless, if we do nothing, America's future can only end in one of three alternatives: revolution or civil war; merged into the one-world-order; or becoming a third-world socialist dictatorship.

Because of our self-indulgence, inattention and apathy, because of our divisions and arguing amongst our selves, our American culture and our "child" and flag of freedom are dying before our eyes. There appears to be no cure because the idea of individual sovereignty and freedom is dying. Collectivism has taken its place.

Every American should be yelling, "... how could this be happening to my country? What could we have done different to prevent America from becoming sick and near death?" But they aren't. They are yelling, "we won't more from government!"

Life is good in America, isn't it? Why rock the boat? We can ignore all this other unimportant "stuff" ..... or can we?

Throughout history, as kings, dictators and oligarchs tightened the strings of power, the people have always looked the other way out of fear or apathy. Because they have looked the other way, the world has had to endure, at great cost, the likes of Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, the Ottoman Empire, the Crusades, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, radical Islam, the Mullahs of Iran, the Kim Jong family of North Korea and for the last 100 plus years, the Democrat Progressive ideology that threatens to erase forever American freedom, liberty and sovereignty.

The list of Kings, dictators, despots and oligarchs is long and bloody, while human atrocities have mounted to staggering proportions. Man has killed himself many times more than what Mother Nature has thrown at man in the 6,000 years of human civilization. In every case, the masses looked the other way as the one man or the few men rose to absolute power. History is repeating itself once again and the masses are still looking the other way. American freedom is sick and near death and the American people are unconsciously killing it!

It boils down to a situation where everyone knows what the problems are, but no one knows how or wants to fix it, because to fix it would take a massive effort of millions of united Americans who are willing to lay it all on the line and put their money where their mouths are. No one is willing to put it all on the line even though they know that this train we are on is headed for a very sharp curve and WILL derail. It's as if we all know it is coming to a drastic end and we're just going to watch the end hoping it won't affect us ..... but it will. Sadly, we are just putting our collective heads in the sand.

As a prolific author on freedom and a powerful advocate for Rural Landowners, we have written over 500 weekly articles in 12 years on the erosion of liberty in America. In the same time period, thousands of other conservative authors have written similar articles on where we are as a country and the Hellhole we are headed for. In that time and even much longer, the needle has not moved one inch towards conservatism but instead has moved ever faster towards socialism, collectivism and a powerful central government, the greatest admonition and fear of the Founding Fathers.

No matter what we, or others have said or written in the defense of liberty, it has no meaning or effect if the words aren't backed up by the people's force of will. Instead and as we speak, millions of Americans right now are looking down at their hand that holds a cell phone. That cell phone is a direct link (puppet string) to the giant corporations, the elite, the establishment, the deep state, central bankers, the government apparatus (i.e. NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.) and the oligarchs in power. They are watching our every move and we let "them" do it to us! We are no longer SOVEREIGNS with unalienable rights. We have become unwitting government slaves and we are too enamored with technology to recognize it. In fact, they own us!

Humans say they are intelligent and at the top of the food chain. But how can that be if they are so easily duped?

But wait! Could a simple mindset shift, "Save the USA?"

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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