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"Why Do 57% of Americans Want More Government?"
From * In Defense of Rural America *
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"In a 2017 poll conducted by NBC News / Wall Street Journal, a record 57% of Americans responded that they want MORE government in their lives, and that the government should be doing more to solve people’s problems. That’s the highest percentage since they started asking this question in 1995. In fact, 57% is nearly double what people responded in the mid-90s. Furthermore, the number of Americans who feel the opposite, i.e. responded that the government is doing too many things that should be left to private businesses and individuals, fell to a near record-low 39%. Bottom line: people want more government."

WARNING! If the number of Americans that want more government in their lives continues to grow, a free America as a Constitutional Republic will evolve rapidly into just another socialist third-world country, hopelessly in debt and vulnerable to being conquered by a stronger nation!

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Every day, like vultures circling a fallen prey, they descend upon the centers of political power with their hands outstretched and without a hint of compunction or embarrassment, they beg, lobby, or riot for what they consider to be their "fair" portion of the sweat, blood and tears of those who are successful, self-reliant, responsible and independent. Black, white, tan, red or yellow, these mostly urban beggars and whiners epitomize the Occupy Wall Street crowd that say they aren't getting their fair share of America's wealth and demand that those that produce and earn their way, must cough up more in taxes to pay those who won't work and want something for nothing, using the power of government to get it, in a grand scheme of wealth re-distribution. This "scheme" is socialism by any other name. If the urban beggars and whiners don't get their way, they resort to violence, property damage and mayhem. This display of "Gimee! Gimee! Gimee!" is disgusting and not worthy of a people who once called them selves free, sovereign and independent.

Over the last 50 years, America has spawned at least hall of the population (if not more) as a mindless collective of Bernie Sanders whiners and takers, egged on by corrupt politicians scrounging for votes to remain in power. The legislatures, local, state and federal, exploit human weakness and greed and can't wait to rob the public coffers to pay the bloodsuckers for what they have not earned. Government then uses the education system, the court system and law enforcement to brainwash the next generation into government-compliant robots. Then they pass never-ending social legislation to make the people and their offspring weaker and more dependent.

Unfortunately, these whiners and takers can vote and thus will always vote for the corrupt politician (and there are so many of them, "R's" and "D's") that will keep their entitlement "pig trough" full. When the whiners and takers demand more, the corrupt politicians, eager to placate and pander to the rioters and complainers, scream that the rich aren't paying their fair share.

"Fair Share?" Let's talk about fair share! 10% of the top income earners in America pay 70% of the income taxes. That's not just fair it is way more than fair, to the point of outright theft. The productive middle-class pay the other 30%. 47% of the population pay no income taxes at all and that 47% receives money FROM the government for just being poor or lazy, paid by those that pay 70% and 30% of the taxes. This unconstitutional re-distribution of wealth is class warfare run amok! In a free society, it is inexcusable. If this author had the fortune of being in the top 10% of income earners, you can bet we would do everything in our power to shield our income from the rapacious government and the bloodsuckers. By what right, or by what common sense law, or by what constitutional principle, does the poor obtain a benefit from the rich by the mere fact of being poor? You won't find that in the U. S. Constitution.

As politicians dodge along the campaign trail towards election or re-election, lies come out of their mouths like water over Niagara Falls. They purposely divide the country between ethnic and white, naive' and intelligent, socialist and patriot, un-wise and wise and the rich and the poor. Politicians will do or say anything to get elected, or re-elected. They will tell any lie, use any meaningless example, dupe any group, or exploit any opportunity or emergency, to fulfill their goal of two, four, or six more years.

But all of the politician's lying and propaganda wouldn't work if government hadn't been so successful in dividing us, such that we are so split up now we fight with each other instead of taking our anger and actions out on those who manipulate us, pull our strings and given the chance, would enslave us. We have spawned more than two to three generations that no longer value freedom, self-reliance and independence. They only value what they can get for free. They no longer value the therapeutic and monetary rewards of hard work. They have willingly sacrificed their freedom for welfare payments, guaranteed jobs, free housing, free college tuition, free health care, a so-called "living wage" and the false umbrella of security, as defined and provided by government.

At least half of these last few generations of Americans find no value in personal pride or doing the best job they can because they haven't been taught that doing a good job reflects well upon them and gives them credibility and honor. Instead, they are obsessed with alcohol and drugs, electronic and other toys, communication devices and mindless, guttural TV shows, or movies with no redeeming value or substance. They are also obsessed by the lie of "unfairness", spoon-fed to them by a government that exploits the looters, moochers and freeloaders for their votes. What is even worse, these folks that hate a free and prosperous America and would take her down if they could, are spawning more generations of dependent Americans with the same Gimee! mindset.

But bear in mind, none of this has happened by accident, because throughout history government has learned that the best and easiest way to govern is to keep the masses happy, dumb, brainwashed, distracted ..... and divided. What faces America today could not have happened if the people were honorable, honest, trustworthy, self-reliant and vigilant against government's shadowy, covert and massive expansion of its seventeen (17) constitutionally enumerated powers.

It is quite possible from the foregoing that you think that we are heartless and without compassion. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, we believe there is a limited role for government to play funding national disasters and in helping those that can't help themselves by providing incentives and enhancing the role that private charities play in providing this assistance. When a person gives to a private charity as a voluntary charitable act that is an act of free choice. There are millions of Americans who give regularly to charities every year. There are millions more that give to their churches that also provide assistance for the poor. In fact, America is the most generous nation on earth.

However, when government says you MUST pay higher taxes so that government can transfer those taxes to the poor and the un-deserving, that is an involuntary, forced act of charity through law and the gun and takes away your right of free choice. But what so many forget is, without free choice there can be no freedom. Free choice is the first casualty of a tyrannical government.

Here is what Benjamin Franklin said about the poor:

"I am for doing good to the poor, but ... I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed ... that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer."

When the government gets in the act of providing for the poor, especially when their motive is to buy votes, the poor grow in number and the cost to continue their support grows as well. The cost for government to support the poor in America since President Johnson's Great Society, has been in the trillions of dollars and yet we have neither "..... led or have driven the poor out of poverty", in the words of Benjamin Franklin. We have only succeeded in growing poverty and growing exponentially, the cost to support it. As a result, we are weaker as a people, weaker financially in un-payable debt and weaker as a nation.

Of course, being poor is no picnic and not all poor people are looters, moochers, or freeloaders. But in America, where anyone who will get an education, work hard to the best of their physical and mental ability, stay on the right side of the law and be personally responsible for their actions, can rise above being poor. The history books are full of individuals that have risen out of poverty to become household names. But the poor will never rise out of poverty if they continue to surround themselves with other people who care so little about themselves. The poor will never beat the odds if they settle for a life of dependency on government and pick roll models that are the dredges of society.

The reality is, the poor in America live far better off than the poor anywhere on the planet, with subsidized housing, food credit cards, plasma TVs, free health care, free education, free school breakfasts and lunches and free cell phones, all paid for on the backs of the American taxpayer and administered by a grossly in-efficient and hopelessly corrupt government. The reason that they live so well is, they are just the pawns of government who pay them off to buy their votes. This is why the Democrats have been so successful at maintaining political power in America for the last 80 years. They pander to the poor, the un-deserving and ethnic minorities with your tax money for their votes.

Through ever-expanding entitlement programs, government has been instrumental in spawning generation after generation of people whose only reason for living is being dependent on the great mother, government. Having done so, the government has brought us to the brink of national bankruptcy and has created a large segment of the population that is weak, wholly dependent upon government and votes for those politicians that promise and deliver their continuing subsistence, in a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We predict that the law of diminishing returns will eventually bring this scheme for buying votes through government handouts crashing down (as it has in Greece and much of the rest of Europe) and those now dependent on government for their lives and livelihoods will either have to become self-reliant and independent, or find the skirts of another "mother" to hang on, or suffer, or die needlessly.

Ladies and gentlemen, the history books tell us that it took just 3% of the colonials to give birth to freedom some 241 years ago, by making the greatest sacrifice that anyone can give, the sacrifice of life. Can 3% of Americans restore freedom again this time peacefully, or are there 3% of Americans who even care about freedom anymore?

The presidential election in November of 2016 has given us a clue as to which way the wind might be blowing but the wind can shift in an instant. If the wind is blowing in the right direction, perhaps we can "spawn" a different generation of greater, self-reliant Americans who believe in freedom so much that they will give whatever sacrifice is necessary to preserve, protect and defend that freedom for their children and grandchildren. However, given that 57% of Americans want more government in their lives, our confidence that this will ever happen is diminishing rapidly.

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached by e-mail for comment at or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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