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"Government Is Vulnerable By Its Own Law"


In our Parallax Prophecies column for February 3, 2013, HERE we talked about how to obtain information about the operations of government by using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for federal agencies and a public disclosure request for state and local agencies. We have filed two such "Requests for Documents" with a Washington State Agency and a Federal Agency. For those wishing to do the same, we have inserted these two "Request for Documents" letters as PDF files on this website, that can be used as examples.

The state request for documents can be viewed HERE.

The federal request for documents can be viewed HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen, filing these requests takes a minimal effort. If thousands of people used these laws to learn what government is doing and quit relying on the news media to get their news, Americans could start holding government accountable by "feeding" this factual information to e-mail addresses, on-line publications, social media and the news media. It follows that with exposure comes better behavior. Governments are like little kids. They will do whatever they please as long as they can get away with it and boy have they been getting away with "murder" of the laws that hold them in check. If the laws won't hold government in check, it is then left up to the people, that is if the people even care.

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