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Obama's Illegal Payoffs to Minority Farmers
..... for votes.

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Shortly after the release of our article in early May of 2013 entitled: "How Obama Illegally Bought the Black and Latino Rural Vote", we will be filing an extensive and documented criminal complaint with the Department of Justice and the FBI at their Washington DC Headquarters, alleging corruption, racketeering, graft and fraud against former President Clinton, President Obama, certain members of Obama's cabinet and others, in illegal payoffs to Blacks, Latinos, Indians and women farmers under the 1999 Pigford Class Action settlement agreement, or any extensions thereto, using public funds to buy votes for the Democrat Party.

The Complaint is in PDF format and can be accessed at the link shown below. The reader can download the Complaint and attach their date and signature to it on the signature page, at their option, and then mail the Complaint with their date and signature to: "NARLO - FBI", P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027. We will use those signatures in a follow-up Addendum to the FBI. The more signatures there are, the greater the impact the Complaint will have.

The complete Criminal Complaint to the Department of Justice and the FBI can be accessed "HERE"

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