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Tell Us Your Story for NARLO's Rural News

NARLO's Rural News

Virtually every week we get either a telephone call or an e-mail from some American who is up against it with government. Some of these stories include huge fines, penalties and even jail time for minor offenses. Some of these Americans have been under assault by their government for years.

Americans don't like injustices. In fact, we have found that when the public learns of these infractions and how law abiding citizens are forced into compliance by browbeating, fear and intimidation, they react against government in a noisy way and government has been known to back up from this public outrage. We've seen it happen.

Tell us your story of government abuse, whether it is from the EPA, the IRS, the USDA, the Army Corps of Engineers or any other government agency and we will chronicle it in the "Rural News" monthly newsletter, with or without your name and location, at your discretion. We can also send the newsletter to government officials and their bosses giving you a bad time, to elevate public exposure and outrage over your difficulties with government, if you request us to. We can help by exposing these injustices to the public and then encourage the public to channel their outrage against government.

Assemble all the facts and correspondence you have had with government and couple it with pictures, if you have them, and then write up a summary of the events. The more detail we have, the better article we can write.

Send the Summary and other information to NARLO's president by e-mail to:

If there is a lot of information not suitable for an e-mail, then send it by regular mail to:

Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031
Issaquah, WA 98027

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