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Act of Courage

Over two decades ago now, one lone, very brave but foolhardy Chinaman stood in front of a row of battle tanks in Tiennemen Square in main land China. It was reported that he was later tortured and killed.

The point here is that one man (or woman), no matter how determined, cannot defeat an army of well trained, well equipped and a well financed military force. Neither can one man stop the onslaught of an over-reaching, heavy-handed government who is Hell bent on controlling you no matter how many freedoms you have to give up.

To their credit, most American land and small business owners are fiercely independent individuals and are trained from birth that you do for yourself and you don't ask for help from anyone, unless you have no choice. Some of us carry it to the extreme. I was that way. But I am neither foolhardy, nor stupidly brave enough to stand in front of our current Government machine, without a lot of "soldiers" at my hip.

Your enemy (the socialist, radical environmentalist and the government that aides and abets them) is well trained, well financed and they have the majority votes. Environmental groups are some of the richest organizations in the World. Get on the Internet today and check them out. They also are able to enlist huge numbers of "soldiers" from the ranks of City Folk and socialists who have no compunction about fiercely lobbying our Government, at all levels, to further their cause of socialism and environmental extremism. Now how are you going to fight that kind of power all by your self? The reality is, you can't.


If you aren't willing to come to Government meetings en masse, if you are not willing to join with and support your fellow Americans, if you are not willing to give up a little of your creature comforts and more importantly if you are not willing to fork over some of your money to those who are fighting this cause with all of their heart and soul, you are going to lose your rights and we who are fighting will go down in flames and public embarrassment. In the end your freedoms and liberty will be breached, never to return. Just try to imagine the United States where the U. S. Constitution is not the supreme law of the land and where we are ruled by laws (and ordinances) that pay no attention, nor have any allegiance, to this supreme law. Does the Soviet Union come to mind? In fact, we are witnessing nothing less than the Sovietization of America.

Politicians have created a rogue, out-of-control government that would steal our land and rights by ordinance, in violation of our Constitution. They would strip our right-of-use to the point where our ownership is rendered barren and valueless. They would have us live as serfs, rather than proud Americans we have every right to be. We are not alarmists that cry wolf like the environmentalists and politicians do. We are realists and we have a crystal clear vision of the "clear and present danger" that faces all Americans, nationwide.

If we do not organize, without a doubt, the Republic that we know and what the founding fathers envisioned, is going to die a slow, agonizing and wrenching death. It's already showing tell tale signs. If you do not come together in a cohesive fighting unit, your freedoms and liberty shall fade into the dark chasm of socialism and radical environmentalism. If you will not come together and for awhile cede your individualism and total independence and be willing to join with those of us who are fighting this WAR against Government excesses, your children and grand children will have to live in the invisible chains of the New World Order, perpetrated on us by internationalists who want our money and our land. Make no mistake, they are well on their way to getting it. Are you going to stop them, or are you going to just sit there and let them do it? If you are not willing to fight to save this Republic, then suffer the consequences and don't complain when you come face-to-face with the Government you allowed to exist. Then wave goodbye to freedom, liberty and our once proud nation of "WE THE PEOPLE".

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Government has an "Implied License" to come on your land anytime they feel like it. You can REVOKE that "Implied License" with our "Revocation" No Trespass Sign.

Revocation of Implied License No Trespass Sign

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"If you won't hold government accountable, it will do whatever it pleases and it is."

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No Trespassing
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No Trespassing Sign

Thousands of these huge 18" x 24" aluminum signs have been installed on urban and rural land all over America and they have proven to be a significant deterrent against trespass by government agents and other would-be intruders. Determine for yourself by clicking on the above image.

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Check out NARLO's
12" x 18" "Revocation of Implied License"
No Trespass sign to keep Government
Agents and Law Enforcement from
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Revocation No Trespass Sign

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Rural Landowner
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Rural Landowner Handbook

If you hope to protect yourself against government abuse, no rural landowner should be without this vital resource.

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We can continue to fight for rural landowners with your generous contribution. Please consider contributing $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, $250 or $500, or whatever you can afford. Your financial support helps to give us the resources we need to succeed. Remember, we do not have any big donors or funders. We are funded by YOU!

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