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The Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

To the Biden – Harris Administration:

Your plans to fundamentally transform America have been articulated by you and your socialist Democrat conspirator – racketeers over the last couple of years in significant detail. The radical arm of your party wants to build on that fundamental transformation with insane, anti-American policies. In your socialist stupor, you and that radical arm salivate over the possibilities. However, if you think that 75 to 100 million heavily armed Americans are going to stand by and let you complete that fundamental transformation, you are out of touch with reality. America is and shall be a Constitutional Republic. The U. S. Constitution will be preserved. America will not be bastardized into a global socialist failed utopia by you or anyone else in the socialist Democrat Party. The reign of terror that Progressives have inflicted upon Americans for over 100 years is over.

We make this fair warning to you and all the mesmerized, brainwashed Democrats that somehow metastasized Progressivism into a highly infectious disease in America that has invaded our institutions, schools and colleges, taken over the news media, turned government bureaucracies into Democrat mouth pieces and infiltrated social media and corporate America. You may have stolen the election but you will not steal our freedom.

More of this declaration to follow in early 2021 .......

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If Biden wins the election
and it looks like he has
You will need NARLO's No Trespassing signs even more!
There will be an explosion of land use and environmental rules
Coming out of the EPA and other federal agencies.
Your only protection will be our powerful No Trespassing signs
that you install on your land.

big sign image  little sign image
Click on one of the images to log onto the respective No Trespassing sign web page

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"If you won't hold government accountable, it will do whatever it pleases and it is."

Check out
NARLO's Powerful, Legally
No Trespassing
Click on the image
No Trespassing Sign

Thousands of these huge 18" x 24" aluminum signs have been installed on urban and rural land all over America and they have proven to be a significant deterrent against trespass by government agents and other would-be intruders. Determine for yourself by clicking on the above image.

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Check out NARLO's
12" x 18" "Revocation of Implied License"
No Trespass sign to keep Government
Agents and Law Enforcement from
Trespassing on your property. This sign is a companion to our 18" x 24" No Trespassing Sign Shown above.
Revocation No Trespass Sign

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Rural Landowner
Is now available
To learn more
Click on the image

Rural Landowner Handbook

If you hope to protect yourself against government abuse, no rural landowner should be without this vital resource.

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A Video on the clear distinction between liberalism and conservatism



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