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If conservatives are to be successful in defeating Democratic socialism and the scourge of Progressivism, they are going to have to unite under a strong leader, a powerful organization with adequate funding and a winning battle plan strategy. Being nice, compromising and appeasing Democrats is definitely not working. We have to get determined and dedicated.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t stop them. Fox News Corp’s Hannity, Tucker, Ingram, Kudlow, Varney, and all the conservative radio talk show hosts around the nation haven’t stop them. The Republicans in Congress haven’t stopped them. Only the people in very large numbers can stop them.

To develop that strategy, leaders of conservative organizations are going to have to come together and agree on what that strategy would look like. We are suggesting that a Convention of Conservative Leaders (COCL) take place somewhere in America where that strategy can be ironed out. Some of the basic elements of a possible strategy are suggested below.

1. Convince sufficient numbers of Democrats to change sides based on principle, the foundation of freedom and emphasize the horrendous damage that socialism has inflicted on the country, such that the balance of voting power shifts to the conservative side where conservative politicians can be elected to Congress and state legislatures. This could be accomplished by a massive TV ad campaign, seminars and speeches around the nation. The TV ads, seminars and speeches would expose the fraud that is Progressivism, the futility of socialism and the insanity of “wokeness.”

2. Establish a huge, nationwide conservative organization with a charismatic leader and a funding mechanism to raise tens of millions of dollars to fund the TV ad campaign and general operations. The goal would be 10,000,000 conservatives donating $10.00 per month. That would be $1.2 Billion per year. Without a huge war chest with which to pursue conservative goals, the task is impossible.

3. Start a massive nationwide legal initiative to sue government, at all levels, for violations of the U. S. and state constitutions and oaths of office. The violations are endless throughout the system but no one sues them. Environmental organizations have used the courts for this purpose quite successfully.

4. Get thousands of citizens to investigate corruption, collusion, graft and racketeering in government, at every level, and business and expose it to the press, law enforcement and the courts. To communicate the efforts and successes of citizen investigators, a national newsletter, with subscriptions, would be launched. Awards could be granted to citizen investigators with outstanding efforts and successes in exposing corruption that ends up in resignations or indictments and convictions by politicians or bureaucrats. To that end, we have prepared a booklet to assist citizen investigators in their efforts. We call the booklet, "Connecting the Crooked Dots. The booklet provides many details about becoming a citizen investigator. It is available on a USB 2.0 Flash Drive. To obtain a copy of the booklet use the "BUY NOW" button below.

5. Convince every state to clean up their voter rolls by proposing specific legislation or using the Initiative process in states that allow Initiatives.

6. Another subject that must be approached is whole scale civil disobedience on a grand scale as part of the battle plan.

Smokey the Bear says that "only you can prevent forest fires." We say, "only you can stop the socialist transformation of America."

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