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A Citizen's Petition in Support of Legal Action
Against the U. S. Government and
Five Environmental Groups,
To Settle, Once and For All, the Scientific Validity of
Man-caused Global Warming, AKA Climate Change

Whereas, national and international governments (the ruling class), some scientists and powerful, wealthy and influential environmental groups, are attempting to convince the world's masses into believing that man-caused global warm (AKA Climate Change) is one of the world's greatest threats. Further, they maintain that the masses are guilty of causing global warming by emitting carbon dioxide (CO2), or other greenhouse gasses, into the atmosphere. Accordingly they believe that the alleged existential crisis and threat is so imminent and severe it must be dealt with immediately, at whatever cost, or life as we know it on planet earth will change forever, to the detriment of all mankind, and

Whereas the environmentalists, some scientists and the ruling class tell us that the science of this alleged global threat is unimpeachable and the need to confront that threat with international super Herculean and very expensive efforts (in the trillions of dollars), even though the alleged threat is totally based on the output of computer models where the climate predictions of those computer models is in serious question by many credible sources. A local weather report, based wholly on computer models, is only good for about two hours. Climate scientists would have us believe that they can predict climate conditions out 10, 25, 50, or 100 years based on computer models, and

Whereas, governments around the world, and especially American federal, state and local governments, are levying billions of dollars in direct and indirect taxes and passing draconian legislation on the citizens of their respective countries and states to confront this alleged threat, and

Whereas, in fact those onerous taxes levied by France on gasoline recently led to massive and violent protests on the streets of Paris and other French cities. For the same reasons, other similar violent protests in other cities around the world, including America, will begin to occur more frequently as citizens become wise to the hidden climate change goals of world government and wealth re-distribution, and

Whereas, American federal, state and local governments and school boards are requiring that the alleged man-caused global warming science be taught in public schools from K-12 and on into college science courses, without allowing rebuttal science, and

Whereas, the ruling class and environmentalists are gushing national and international propaganda and are doing everything in their power to vilify and demean anyone that dares to challenge their climate computer models, even though there are many credible scientists that have questioned the validity of the computer model science, (see: "The Other Side of Climate Change") and

Whereas, government, using the alleged science of man-caused global warming computer models, levies heavy taxes and passes draconian legislation on the masses to try and offset or slow down the predicted calamitous events supposedly occurring due to alleged man-caused global warming. Their premise for doing so, using highly questionable science, is based on the flawed precautionary principle, a principle used by environmentalists to stop or inhibit tens of thousands of private and government projects all around the world, but mostly in America, and

Whereas, one of the so-called fixes to alleged man-caused global warming is to build wind turbines and solar farms on a massive scale, to replace fossil fuel energy. But there is no way to economically replace fossil fuels with wind and solar energy without driving the lifestyle of all Americans back to pioneer days. Further, wind and solar energy are inefficient and notoriously intermittent. Each absorbs thousand of square miles of land and either one is not economically viable without heavy taxpayer subsidies, and

Whereas, the billions in taxes, pile-on land use and environmental regulations and alleged man-caused global warming one-sided instruction in public schools may have inflicted irreparable harm and an enormous and a possibly unnecessary burden on all of the citizens of the United States, where there is a distinct possibility that man-caused global warming is a total fabrication based on flawed computer models. This giant question of scientific validity of man-caused global warming cries out for injunctive relief and scientific validation by means of a lawsuit against the U. S. Government and the herein named environmental groups, (see below) in the Washington DC U. S. District Court, before any new local, state, or federal global warming taxes are levied or regulations passed, and

Whereas, each American local, state and federal taxpayer, having been forced to pay taxes or heavily regulated by alleged man-caused global warming law, may have been seriously injured and should have legal "standing" and therefore are authorized multiple plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the U. S. Government and five of the major American environmental organizations that promote, advocate for and sue in favor of man-caused global warming legislation, and

Whereas, a lawsuit should be "ripe" at this time because of the previous and on-going damage inflicted on the taxpayer and landowner that has suffered harm due to the distinct possibility that the climate computer models are inaccurate. The only proper venue to determine the accuracy or in-accuracy of the computer models must be in a court of law with expert witness testimony provided by both sides, and

Whereas, the plaintiffs (citizens) request temporary injunctive relief before further damage is inflicted upon American citizens for taxes and laws that are potentially based on flawed climate science, and

Whereas, the questions to be resolved in court: 1) Are long-range climate computer models scientifically reliable with so many variables? 2) Is the planet heating up based on sound, repeatable, unquestionable science? 3) If the planet is heating up, is man's contribution to CO2 the direct and only cause? 4) Are there other plausible natural events that are causing the worldwide temperature elevations? or 5) Is man-caused global warming a fraud, perpetrated on the world's masses for a political agenda?

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, the undersigned, an independent, natural born, or naturalized, sovereign and free citizen of a free State of the United States, having a Republican form of government, being of sound mind and body, do hereby decree, ordain and affirm that I lend my full support, in the strongest terms, to bringing a lawsuit against the U. S. Government and the herein named environmental groups, in the U. S. District Court at Washington, DC (bench trial) to settle, once and for all, the true science behind man-caused global warming, AKA "Climate Change."

Environmental Defendants to be named in the proposed lawsuit:

Environmental Defense Fund
The Nature Conservancy
Natural Resources Defense Council
American Rivers
Sierra Club

NOTE: The purveyors of this petition DO NOT have an attorney-client relationship with those signing this petition. We are not lawyers and are not authorized to practice law. The statements and allegations made herein are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Any statements or allegations are based upon commonly known public information and further, under the premise that each signor of the Petition will consult with an attorney before making any decisions relevant to this Petition, at his or her discretion. Also be advised that the proposed lawsuit could eventually end up in the U. S. Supreme Court for final adjudication. This could entail raising several million dollars to fund the lawsuit from trial court, to appellate court, to the U. S. Supreme Court.

To receive a printable copy of this Petition with a full signature page and instructions, please send an e-mail to Some servers are blocking our e-mails. If you don't hear from us on your request, use the link for a Petition in PDF Format below.

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Unless petition signatures reach a very large number, the Petition will have no effect. It is our hope that it will reach at least 100,000 signatures so that we can submit it to the White House. We will be contacting influential and well-heeled interested parties to help fund the lawsuit. If you would like to donate to our effort you can do so HERE.

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