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"America Through a Distorted Window"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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Distorted Window

In a book we wrote a number of years ago entitled "Our Cosmic Connection", we opened one of the chapters with the following observation: "In spite of all of our individual and collective faults, there is a 'great good' that exists in a very large number of us. That good is personified in a wide range of human traits and behavior including private and public achievements, bravery, courage, sacrifice, industry, creativity, empathy, generosity, spontaneous volunteerism and spirit, either as individuals, or as a society. Unfortunately, due to the 'distorted window' through which we view our information, that 'great good' in us seems to be eclipsed by an over-zealous emphasis on that which appears to be 'bad' within us."

One of the print and electronic news media's flawed policies is personified in one statement: "..... if it bleeds, it leads". Instantly, our news is distorted by the negativity, bias and general acceptance of almost any kind of violence. Transportation and vehicle accidents, murder, suicide, war, pestilence, famine, genocide, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like, dominate the front pages of our newspapers and are the lead stories for evening Television news. On the other side of the negative picture we get political and individual corruption, fraud, adultery, betrayal, treason, murder, robbery and unbridled greed, added to our daily diet of information. Every little sordid detail is trotted out for those who gorge on the grief of others, or thrive on doom and gloom, in soap-opera fashion.

In spite of this distorted picture of America, we have a totally distinct identity that is only marginally represented by the worst in us. What we see and hear every day is not the real America and does not represent the true and beautiful character of her people ..... a people steeped in responsibility, self-reliance, industriousness, goodness, charity and compassion, under that great symbol of freedom, our American flag. If the rest of the world watches American news every day, through the distorted window of the print and electronic media, it is no wonder the people of many countries think we are decadent, self-absorbed and inherently evil. The truth is, such a view of our America could not be farther from the truth.

For over 11 generations, since some brave and courageous men mapped out a blue print of liberty to govern this great nation from sea to shining sea, the American people, in spite of their faults, have done what the people of no other country on earth have done. They have become the beacon of light for the rest of the world, founded on the principles of individual liberty and the God-given goodness that comes from being free. Their sacrifice has freed over a billion people who were locked in slavery. Their productivity feeds a hungry world. Their voluntary generosity has lifted millions out of abject poverty.

Americans are farmers and factory workers, nurses, doctors, engineers, draftsman, pilots, truck drivers and fast food employees. We are rich, middle class and poor. We are religious and non-religious. We are adventurous on one hand, while being cautious on the other. We believe in fair play.

We are mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins and children of every stripe, size and color, who live by some very basic, overriding principles of honesty, integrity, honor and family. Most of us have a deep sense of goodness about us and constantly try to overcome the ever-present evil that resides within us.

We have worked hard for what we have obtained and what our Nation has achieved. We should be proud of what we have accomplished and not hang our heads in shame because others are jealous of our success. Our inventiveness, creativity and industriousness have made us the richest nation on earth and have enriched every other nation. Our compassion and generosity exceeds that of any other country or culture on this planet.

But all that creativity, generosity and goodness is being eclipsed by the picture that is being painted about us in our Newspapers and magazines and on our radios and TV's and even the Internet, every single day. The information we receive is not representative of who we are. The propaganda, lies and distortions from our government and special interest groups that we absorb from these venues, warps the vision of who we are and what our true reality is.

If we allow our government, special interest groups, the news media, or the money changers and power brokers who cloud our vision, to destroy our American sovereignty and our God-given, natural freedom that allows our unique individuality to blossom and be all that we can be, we will descend into the Hell of the collective and it will take a bloody revolution to restore freedom and liberty. If left alone, American individuals, will once again, with all our strength, power, beauty, compassion, spirit and the joy of wonder, will lead man on into the coming centuries for the good of all mankind, just as we have led the world for the last two and a third centuries, under our cherished flag of freedom.

If we do not challenge the power of the government, that they have unlawfully and unconstitutionally assumed, we shall be their slaves forever. We are fast approaching a time when even the power of the Silent Majority may not be enough to dislodge these usurpers and traitors from the "throne" of their purposely-manufactured Absolute Democratic Monarchy, where the mob rules and the rule of law, individual rights and our constitution, fade into obscurity.

Let's send a tea bag to every legislator in Washington DC and every legislator or lawmaker in our state, county and cities on April 1st, so that they will arrive by April 15th, tax day. Let's participate in as many Boston-type tea parties in every city and town in America that we can. Let's attend public hearings and meetings, at every level of government and find out what they are doing. You won't believe what they are doing ..... behind your backs and you won't believe the special interests that are driving them.

Our supposed representatives, at every level, must operate under the umbrella of the "Consent of the Governed" and the Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution. We Americans are supposed to be in charge. Let's "esplain" it to them in no uncertain terms.

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