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"How Has Being Nice Worked Out For You?"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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That’s right! We are civilized and we have been trained to be nice, polite and civil. But how is that working out for you? Has it stopped the onslaught of a flurry of local, state and federal laws that continue to “eat” away at your freedom, your liberty and your property rights? Has Obama, Pelosi or Reid, or your liberal-controlled state houses, or your city or county councils changed course because those on the other side are being civil? Has being nice changed one liberal-progressive-socialist mind? Not likely.

Conservatives have an opponent (progressives) that is not only intransigent, but they have been successful in winning the hearts and minds of a large percentage of the people, academia and the news media, for two reasons. One, the progressives have “bought off” the people with “give aways” out of the public treasury (our money) and have created a “pig trough” from which the “people” can feed. Pigs don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Two, they have adroitly used irrational “compassion” and the people’s collective “guilty conscience”, to sell the people, academia and the news media, that the “compassionate- collectivism" way is the only right way. But the truth is, mandatory compassion, (taxes) is not compassion at all. It is enforced charity by any other name. Enforced charity is servitude, if not slavery. And collectivism is the arch enemy of individual freedom and liberty.

With that strong support, progressives have been able to fundamentally change America to their ways over the last 100 years, in spite of conservative's somewhat limp opposition to that change. It is readily apparent that Conservatives do not have academia and they certainly don’t have the news media in their pockets. What they might have is enough people to oppose the liberal-progressive agenda, if America is truly a center-right country, as so many have claimed. However, if those "enough people" cannot come together on their values and principles and vigorously defend them, the liberal-progressive agenda has won.

The depth of anyone's commitment to change is directly related to their conviction that what they stand for, is right. The more intransigent is your opponent, the more force you will have to bring to defeat that opponent. As you increase your force, being nice becomes less and less effective, as history has taught us. Neville Chamberlain did not stop the Nazis by being nice and Obama won't stop Iran or North Korea by being nice, either.

Unless conservative Americans increase their force against the opposition and cease being nice, the other side will not get the message. Unless conservative Americans realize that they are not going to win by donating pennies to those who are fighting for their freedom on their behalf, the force that freedom groups are able apply to the problem, can only be “limp” at best. Because not only does the opposition have a large segment of the people, academia and the news media in their pockets, they have billions of our tax dollars to push us back at the executive level, at the legislative level and at the judicial level, be it local, state or the federal government. But worse, the government supports special interest groups in a big way, again with our tax money, to fight against us.

In a war and we are in a war of ideas, ideology and philosophy, when the other side holds most of the “aces”, and they do, the opposing side had better resort to the winning tactics of generals who are out numbered, out gunned and out spent. Being nice is not one of those tactics.

General Washington changed the field of battle by employing guerilla warfare. The British moaned and groaned that he wasn’t fighting fair. Tough! As he was out numbered, he turned to the messages of passion and patriotism to motivate his men. When he was out spent, he enlisted the help of the enemy of his enemies, France. Conservative Americans are not in a shooting war ….. yet, but if they do not start resorting to the strategy of winning and cease being nice, they will most certainly lose and so will freedom and liberty.

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