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"Obama's Socialist America
Is Teetering On Civil War"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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“It was not well to drive men into final corners; at those moments they could all develop teeth and claws.”

Stephen Crane, Author, "Red Badge of Courage" (1871-1900)

There is an old saying about not being able to herd cats. The saying applies equally to some men and women, but obviously, not to all men and women, as the mindless mobs of Black Friday would indicate. The some men and women who cannot be herded will turn on their aggressors when backed into a corner and will suddenly sprout teeth and claws, as Stephen Crane suggested in his book, the "Red Badge of Courage".

On a hunting trip many years ago when I was a boy, my father and I and two other hunters on a crisp October day, experienced a similar event when we chased a buck into a corner of a fence in an open field. The open field was surrounded by forest and the buck wanted desperately to retreat into that forest. Where he had been cornered was not the usual way he normally entered the forest, so with his back to the fence, he dropped his head, nostrils spouting steam, tail in the air and charged straight us, headed we assumed to his normal escape route. But alas, our position was apparently directly in his path. Strangely, one of the hunters raised his rifle to shoot the buck as he was charging us, but froze and levered 5 shells through his rifle without firing a single shot. The live rounds just fell to the ground in rapid succession, as the hunter ejected them from the chamber without pulling the trigger. However, one of the other hunters raised his rifle and dropped the buck with one shot before he got half way to our position. This all happened in a few seconds but left a permanent, indelible memory on this young boy that has lasted some 60 years.

Not all people will cower in fear when cornered. Some people will react as the buck did when he found there was no means of escape without going over and through his enemy. Throwing all caution to the winds the brave ones will attack their aggressors without thought of personal harm in order to neutralize the threat, perceived or real. The people who have known true freedom will act in this manner. In contrast, the clueless hordes of people that charged into the stores on Black Friday would pile up on each other and trample each other to death in their panic, as hundreds of turkeys will do in a turkey house when someone opens the door. (We've actually seen this happen.)

For at least 80 to 100 years a false ideology (Progressivism) has been embedded itself in all of our institutions and even into the mindset of much of the American population. There is no other way to explain how president Obama, with his record and background, could have ever been elected President, much less re-elected, unless a paradigm shift had taken place in the electorate. It is this paradigm shift from American freedom and self-reliance to dependency on government that finally overtook our Constitutional Republic and may in the end, destroy it, unless the people act now.

The question is, are free Americans going to stand by and watch their country consumed by the Progressive ideology and our country driven into bankruptcy to pay for unsustainable, over-blown, irrational entitlements. Those Americans that know freedom will fight when backed into a corner and it is this fight that could easily lead to civil war. In fact, a peaceful version of a civil war started right after Obama was re-elected to a second term, in a move by almost a million citizens from all 50 states to secede from the Union, even though the effort is largely symbolic. Further, at least 17 states have told the Federal Government they will not set up Medicaid programs in their state to comply with Obama Care, in open defiance of the law. Several more states are poised to follow.

How long will freedom-loving Americans take it? How long will the producers put up with paying for the non-producers? How long will those brave Americans take the theft of their sweat, blood and tears, before they say, enough is enough? Which of these injustices will trigger a large percentage of these Americans declaring civil war, either the peaceful kind in open resistance, or the violent kind in open civil war or revolution? Or, how long will it be before the producers of our society just check out, or leave the country in a replay of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"?

The current direction of America under an Obama presidency is producing massive dependency on government, rising debts and deficits, rapidly increasing regulations resulting in less and less freedom, mediocrity, rising crime, debauchery, self-loathing and a decline in production and morality that can only lead to our demise. These cultural maladies will only get worse if we allow President Obama and his version of Progressivism (just another name for socialism) to continue unabated.

The fact is, we are teetering on the brink of civil war. But this will not be the civil war of 1861. This war will pit the self-reliant against the freeloader and the deadbeats and the government that defends and funds them with our money. As more evidence of the mounting resistance against an Obama-style government and his version of European Socialism, America is arming itself in a big way. People are buying rifles, pistols and ammunition at a pace not seen since the introduction of the Colt Peace Maker or the Winchester lever action repeating rifle of our wild west days of the middle to late 1800's.

But there is still time to save America without going to war, if only millions of Americans who cherish freedom, will rise up individually and collectively and get involved in the hard, time consuming and sometimes dangerous work of preserving, protecting and defending our constitution, at every level of government.

If you want to prevent a civil war, then you had better rise up now and send a clear message to the President and the U. S. Congress. Tell them you are giving them fair warning. Tell them, we the people of the United States and the separate states, will declare our Independence from the Federal Government, under the ninth and tenth Amendments of the U. S. Constitution, if the madness in Washington DC doesn’t stop now!

Tell government that these are the high stakes they are playing with and if they continue on the path they now tread, they will unleash chaos in America that will make the Revolutionary War look like a schoolyard fistfight.

Tell them that free Americans mean business and tell them in no uncertain terms. And you had better tell them by the millions.

Tell them in another way by joining with us in the peaceful revolution to save America. Form a "LIberty or Revolution" group in your local area to aggressively take on the government with the same courage that the colonials took on England in 1776. There doesn't have to be a civil war, or a revolution. We don’t have to do it with guns like the Colonials did. We can take government on peacefully, at every level, with the power of our constitution and an overwhelming redress of grievances by millions of free Americans. Don't be one of those mindless robots that crowded into stores like brainless sheep on Black Friday. Don't abdicate your individualism to the collective. Stand with pride and courage above the crowd. Be the cat that won't be herded. Charge the aggressor that forces you into a corner, or be content to be his slave.

We are Americans for God's sake, not Europeans. We are not cattle that can be herded into a holding pen. We are not Hitler's youth that can be spoon fed propaganda to serve the evil purposes of the state and to rat on our parents. We are honorable, self-reliant and proud Americans and we are endowed with God-given individual rights that no government can extinguish. But those individual rights are of no consequence and have no power if we are not willing to defend them.

Learn how you can become part of the millions of Americans that will no longer bow down to the arrogant power of an out-of-control federal, state and local government. Come out of that corner they have trapped you in and charge these aggressors with newfound courage and energy, under the symbol of "Liberty or Revolution". Ask yourself, which would you prefer, a peaceful resolution to rising government power, or a violent revolution to overthrow rising government power? The former choice is far more preferable than the latter.

For several years now, we have put ourselves directly in the firing line with the government and even the IRS. We have not only organized protests, but we have given reasoned testimony at public hearings. We challenge authority whenever we feel threatened by it, or determine that authority is acting outside of the limits placed upon it by our federal or state constitutions. We question everything and we were taught by our parents to do so. Government at any level is not to be trusted. Those who do trust government and refuse to challenge them when the situation warrants, act in direct conflict with their own and their family’s interests, as well as acting against their own freedom. America is locked in an avalanche of its own making and tumbling out of control because too few people challenge government.

To find out where you stand on the preservation, protection and defense of our Constitutional Republic, check out our new video entitled: "Obama's Socialist America Is Teetering On Civil War" HERE.

Also, be sure to watch our inspirational video entitled: "Would You .....?"
HERE that describes the fight for liberty, going from cowardice and apathy to courage and commitment.

But ladies and gentlemen, we are not naive'. We know that for most of the people who receive or read this column, we are essentially wasting our breath, since most of you are content with doing nothing to prevent what could very well be a civil war or a revolution. Sure, we know you are busy, but are you too busy to stop your children and grandchildren from being turned into bondservants or slaves for the state because that is their future if you continue to do nothing? Yes, it can happen here and it is about to under Obama’s Socialist America!

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