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"A Strong Warning to the Government"
- From an Outraged Patriot -
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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"Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, all of the outward forms and structures of free institutions are a sham, a pretense -- the sheerest mockery. If the press is not free; if speech is not independent and untrammeled; if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference under what form of government you live, YOU ARE A SUBJECT AND NOT A CITIZEN."

William E. Borah, prosecuting attorney, Boise, ID, late 1800's

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Yes, through our weekly column we have been advocating that Americans should openly, but peacefully, resist your arrogance and rising tyranny. Yes, we have been exposing your corruption, your double dealing, your passing laws no one has read or understands and your insidious violations of the constitution with executive orders and bureaucratic edicts ..... a constitution that you swear on solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend but don't. We've watched you nationalize the car industry, businesses and the health care system with no constitutional authority whatsoever. Yes, we have been logging your propaganda, hype, distortions and lies to push your un-American agenda down our throats and we have been observing, with a critical eye, your reckless and criminally negligent foreign policy that exacerbates the Islam crisis and caused the death of a highly respected diplomat and three other Americans in Libya at the hands of terrorist ..... and an equally negligent immigration policy that allows millions of illegal aliens to flood into America to get on the "free" government gravy train for which productive Americans get to fund, at the point of a "gun." It has not escaped our probing eyes the waste, fraud, abuse and corruption that exist in every single government program, squandering billions, if not trillions, of taxpayer dollars. And let's not forget your relentless pandering to those you have bought off with our money from the public treasury for their votes so that your power and corruption can be extended and institutionalized in perpetuity, from generation to generation.

We know you have the press in your pocket and you collude with them to filter the news so that you are presented to the public in a positive light. Even the presidential debates are rigged in favor of the Democrat candidate. If not, then how is it that the moderator, Candy Crowley, just happened to have the transcript of Obama's speech in the Rose Garden on the Bengazi attack in Libya? It was crystal clear from the video, that Obama knew that Crowley had the transcript, when he said "..... get the transcript." Blind luck? Hardly! Collusion? You bet!

We know that the truth is covered up or altered to fit a socialist, radical environmental, or one-world-order agenda. We know that there are wealthy socialists, like George Soros, that use that wealth to manipulate you, the press, academia, the people and special interests, for their own evil, anti-American ambitions. But even worse, you, the government, are aligned with these socialists.

Oh yes and we know you are watching us through your daily sweeping of our websites. We wouldn't be surprised if you have tapped our phone, or are monitoring our e-mail traffic. We expect that from a tyrannical government that uses fear, intimidation, spying and surveillance to control the population, not unlike Nazi Germany, Communist China, or a KGB dominated Russia.

But with all that stacked against us, we do not fear you and we will not bow down to you because we are on the right side of history and we are on the right side of freedom. What lies between you and absolute power over the masses is a little amendment to the Constitution. In fact, it is the second Amendment and because of the power of the second Amendment, you will not dominate us ..... ever! You will not crush us because we will rise up en masse and replace you, by force if you make it necessary. Why? Because America has the largest civilian army in the world and we have the power to do it, thanks to the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. Just the knowledge of that power is sufficient to accomplish our goal to preserve freedom and you know it. You and your anti-American actions are why militias are forming all over the country. That is why you want to disarm us. You rightly fear an armed population and Americans are the greatest armed population on the planet.

You can silence us but our voice will live on in the hundreds of articles we have written about you. You can haul us off and bury us in some dungeon but other voices of freedom will fill any gap we may have left behind.

Because you see, all you miscreants and brainwashed liberals that occupy the halls of government:

I am a free man in body and in spirit and I bow down to no one. Nor will I bow down to this government that tries to wrap us in chains against our will. I shall resist with every fiber of my being, any attempts by government to break my free spirit and the spirit of that of other free Americans as well.

I shall not bow down to the socialists who use the government to reward those that are undeserving, with the sweat of MY brow, MY blood and MY tears. I shall not bow down to the environmentalists who use the government to pass laws to rob me of my constitutional rights and cry "the-sky-is-falling" with their man-caused global warming fraud. I shall not bow down to a government that gives amnesty to illegal aliens, with the sole purpose of using my taxes to buy the votes of lawbreakers, in order to entrench their political power. I shall not bow down to laws, rules, regulations and ordinances that repeal my unalienable, God-given rights of freedom and liberty.

As a free man, I reject any laws that violate the sacred rights granted to all Americans by our God and our Constitution. I refuse to abide by federal and state supreme court rulings that fly in the face of common law, common sense and that repeal constitutional safeguards.

As a free man, hear my cry against all the laws and acts by every level of government every day of the year, that moves us ever deeper into absolute bondage ..... laws that strip us of our individuality and attempt to meld us into a mindless collective ..... laws that bind our hands and feet so that we cannot move in the cherished "light" of freedom.

I shall fight with all of my heart and soul to stop attempts by this and future governments to merge America, the one remaining shining beacon in a troubled and unstable world, into a North American Union, or the dreaded one-world-order. For without a free, prosperous, powerful and sovereign America, the world has no chance and will descend into chaos. Should America's power and our prosperity evaporate, or become irrelevant, or we sink into third-world depravity, evil will fill the vacuum and evil will rule the world. Just imagine for one minute that China or Russia became more powerful than the United States. Who or what would save us then?

As a free man, I bow down to no man or no government who would tear down the very fabric of our liberty and render us nothing more than serfs to a government fiefdom. America is the world's last remaining hope and if we do not defend the promise of its freedom and liberty, we will be complicit in its demise, to the detriment of every man, woman and child who walks this Earth and looks to America for guidance and a step closer to freedom.

The ship of America, riding on a bountiful sea of freedom and liberty, has freed over a billion people from tyranny, bondage and slavery. Our military might makes other governments with empirical designs, think twice before adventuring into war with us, or others we protect. We dare not let down our guard for one second. We dare not reduce our military power to the point that other nations might be tempted to challenge us. We dare not be detoured down the path of socialism and remove the one ingredient that makes us the most prosperous, industrious, creative, powerful and generous nation on Earth, our freedom.

If Americans bow down to government tyranny today, tomorrow or ever, all that was won by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and the colonials that gave everything to establish our freedom and all the brave men and women who gave their lives, their limbs and their minds thereafter to defend our freedom, will have been for naught.

We ask all who consider themselves sovereign Americans to join with us in this open, peaceful resistance against a government that has forgotten that its solemn duty is to protect individual, God-given rights and to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic, even if that domestic enemy is the government itself.

We hereby, on this day, warn government, at all levels, that you will not be successful in the slow, insidious enslavement of the American people and the consequences of your attempts to do so will be dire indeed. We need not go to war with you. We only need to peacefully unravel the corrupt institutions you have established and replace them with the original institutions of liberty that is our birthright. Be advised that it does not take a majority to accomplish this. It only takes an irate minority willing to lay it all on the line for freedom. It's been done before and it can be done again.

This November, the first order of business for all patriots is to dump the con man and snake-oil salesman that slithered his way into the oval office by promising HOPE and CHANGE, that turned out to be Obama's HOSTILITY and CONTEMPT for individual rights, freedom, liberty and American sovereignty.

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