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America Drowning

"America - Either Swim, Or Sink and Die"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"Mr. President! What is the true state of our union? Though this may sound harsh, Iíll speak the truth here ... We are a country going bankrupt to fund a bloated, distant, and often corrupt federal government, led by venal politicians more concerned with paying off their campaign cronies and consolidating their own power than in preserving the constitutional republic that so many have fought and died for.

"Big Government" website

And this is much harsher:

"Americans either come together and join hands, or they will drown in each otherís blood of a civil war, or the blood they shed in the killing fields of foreign conquerors who will exploit our division and weakness for their own ends. A nation divided is a nation in peril and it can only end in the blood of innocents."

Ron Ewart, from his soon to be announced new website

In the early 1900's, Argentina rivaled America in land, wealth, resources and fertile ground. A relatively mild climate, vast open plains and plentiful water helped to create one of the most productive agricultural industries on the planet. But God help the people if the politicians set their eyes on someone else's wealth and productivity. In 1916 a popular president by the name of Hipolito Irigoyen was elected, representing the "Radical" Party with a rallying cry of "Fundamental Change". All politicians need votes to stay in power and President Irigoyen started buying votes with a vengeance, using up Argentina's wealth for massive, mandatory entitlement programs, while taxing the rich and even the well-off middle class to pay for it all.

Juan Peron and his wife, Isabel Evita, finished the job. (1946 to 1976) The results of their criminal politics drove the once wealthy Argentina into very high taxes on the rich and the middle class, hyper inflation, shortages and riots, because the politicians, smelling money and votes, squandered the wealth of the nation on what America's Obama, the left and the United Nations now call social justice. (Source)

The current president of Argentina (Christina Fernandez de Kirchner) a sympathizer of the Peronists, is using some of the same tactics, as did Juan and Evita Peron in trying to save the country from ruin and in so doing is exacerbating the situation, causing more riots, shortages, inflation and taxes. (

Oh you bet the uninformed Argentine people loved Presidents Irigoyen and Peron and now Kirchner, just as they love Obama and the left in America. Unfortunately, the uninformed Argentines aren't aware that the life they now live was the direct result of stealing a country's wealth and resources to buy the votes of those uninformed. Now the uninformed are paying the price that results when the politicians run out of that wealth to buy votes because they sucked productivity dry, just as America is doing now under Obama. (106 million productive workers and investors now support 88 million non-producers. 21 million of those non-producers work for local, state and the federal government. All 88 million will vote to preserve their cushy government job, or their government handout.)

A glaring example of what America is doing, as Argentina has done and is doing, is the great American and perverted social justice program called Social Security. The claim that seniors make is that they "paid" for it and By God they are entitled to it. That claim is only partially correct as you will see.

In a recent Business Insider article written by hedge fund manager Bruce Krasting, we learn that the SS Disability Insurance Fund (DI) is running dry. Krasting writes: "Ö.. a very credible source is now predicting that Obama AND Congress will take action over the next 24 months that will substantially undermine both the long and short-term health of Social Security. The legislative raid on Social Security will certainly total in the hundreds of billions and it could top $1 Trillion over the next fifteen years."

The very credible source is government's very own Congressional Budget Office and they are predicting that the Disability Insurance Fund, which is an integral part of the Social Security program, will run out of money in the 1st Quarter of 2016. (Ooops! I'll bet you haven't heard this on the mainstream news.) Now the question is, where will government get the money to continue the DI payouts? Krastner predicts that the 3 political solutions to the short fall will not be passed by the Congress because they are political "hot potatoes" and government will be forced to "RAID" the Social Security fund. RAID the Social Security Fund!!!! Look out seniors. (

But wait! Haven't we been told that the Social Security fund is nothing more than a warehouse full of IOU's in the form of government treasury bonds? So in order for the government to make Social Security payments to seniors they have to redeem the bonds by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve, or gasp ..... China. And Bernie Madoff goes to jail for life for running the biggest Ponzi scheme ever! Bernie is a piker when it comes to government.

Ladies and gentlemen, Social Security is just one of the trillion dollar Ponzi schemes that the American government runs, for which you are paying through the nose and which is destined to send America careening into irretrievable bankruptcy. But before bankruptcy, government's answer to this unsustainable Ponzi scheme will be to massively expand the money supply, reduce benefits and raise taxes on everyone, just as Argentina has done and is doing. The result will be virtually identical to the conditions in Argentina, with very high taxes on the rich and middle class, hyper inflation, shortages and let's not forget ..... the riots! Empty stomachs have nothing to lose by going to war.

And may it not go unnoticed, Obama and company have RAIDED Medicare to pay for Obama Care to the tune of some $700 billion dollars. Do you remember that just a week or so ago when the Government Accounting Office (GAO) reported that government's rate of spending and borrowing is totally unsustainable. Does this sound like a strong and vibrant America? Hardly! It sounds like Argentina.

"The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that if tens of millions of Americans don't start "swimming" on their own and join with each other against an out-of-control government and then somehow replace the criminals that hide their dirty, self-serving deeds in the dark halls of government, it will no longer be a matter of whether America will sink or swim. America will just die and its death will be painful and ugly. Argentina is essentially in its death throws, along with freedom and liberty, all because politicians smelled the wealth of creativity and productivity and stole that money, along with exploiting national emergencies, to increase their power for their own personal gain by buying votes. Their corrupt actions have led to the detriment of the wealth, financial and economic security of their nation and the devastation of the people they are supposed serve. Slavery be unto us all, at the hands of corrupt politicians.

Americans, your choice is either to "swim" on your own, or sink and die because government has squandered the productivity and wealth of our nation in the pursuit of absolute power. But the water is cold and there are hungry sharks (corrupt politicians) everywhere. If you don't have strength and courage, you will probably drown ..... or become a shark's dinner. Millions already have fallen to the razor sharp teeth of politicians (sharks) on their hunt for votes and payoffs.

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