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"There Comes A Time When You Must Face The Threat"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
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"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, [will] plainly prove a deliberate and systematical plan of reducing us to slavery."

Thomas Jefferson

Life is good! He has a loving family, a nice home, a good job, money in the bank, two cars in the garage, all the recreational toys the family could ever want, good health, vacations from time to time and everything is great. Life couldn't be better, could it? But fate and a life-threatening event have other plans for this father.

One night, you are sitting at the dinner table with your wife and two daughters when a lone, masked gunman crashes through the front door and threatens you with a gun, right at your own dinner table. If you don't turn over all your valuables, cash, check books, your keys, your two young girls and your car, he will shoot the whole family dead.

Paralyzing fear grips you. Your mind is racing, adrenalin surges through your body, sweat breaks out on your forehead and your heartbeat accelerates to a dangerous level. You can't think clearly. In a halting voice you try to talk the gunman out of what he is demanding you to do, but he is adamant and becomes even more threatening and irrational. You search desperately in your mind for other actions you could take against this real threat, but you come up empty. You sit there, drained of your ability to act in any meaningful manner. You have no way to defend yourself, much less your family. What choice do you have but to capitulate to the demands of the gunman, or bring certain death to you and your loved ones. As your car races away with the gunman at the wheel, you watch as your valuables, your check books, your cash and your two young, innocent girls disappear into the night. All you can do is to call the authorities and hope they can retrieve the most precious things in your life, your two beautiful daughters. The rest that the gunman stole doesn't matter. You shudder at the thought of what might happen to them, given that this masked gunman was dressed as an Arab.

Despair overwhelms you. Your "good" life has just been shattered and depending on the outcome, your life may be permanently torn to pieces. You fight with your wife and she blames you for not doing anything, when in fact there was nothing you could do. She cries uncontrollably and you try to console her. However, she blames you because there is no one else to blame in the high emotional, irrational state in which she finds herself.

The authorities search for the gunman but he is never found and your girls are lost in the shadowy world of swarthy men and white slavery. You beat yourself up in your mind, asking over and over and over again, "what could I have done?" No answer echoes back to take away your guilt and that sinking feeling of utter helplessness.

Finally, anger and guilt consume you and you drift in an out of sanity. Your wife leaves you because the glue that bound you together was your two lovely girls. You lose your job and your friends abandon you. A serious threat suddenly entered your life and you were totally unprepared and had no way to defend against it.

This fictitious scenario we just posed was an open an notorious threat and given the circumstances, there was nothing this father could have done to save his daughters, or maybe even his marriage. But there is a slow insidious kind of threat that you can't see that reaches out and "touches" you so imperceptibly that you don't even know the threat is there.

Let's take this same fictitious family with the good life, living in the home they bought several years ago. But inside that home is a hidden threat they can't see. The threat comes in the form of a toxic chemical that is embedded in the sheetrock on the walls and ceiling. The sheetrock manufacturing process accidentally injected a lethal toxin into the material, a toxin that very slowly releases itself into the atmosphere of the home, catalyzed by the home's residual heat. After several years one of your young daughters gets sick. You take her to the doctor and after a battery of tests they can't find the cause of the illness. She lies in a hospital bed. The prognosis is terminal.

Next, your wife gets sick. Her skin turns a deathly gray color. She has no energy and lies in bed most of the time. The doctors don't know what is wrong with her either. You begin to notice blotches on your skin that weren't there before. You reach a point where you can't work. Your second daughter gets sick and grows weaker, almost by the day. The whole family is sickened and no one suspects something in the environment of the home that is the cause, because the deadly toxin is undetectable in the air, or in the body. You lose your job because you can't work any more and your home goes into foreclosure, while all this time a hidden threat lies buried in the walls and ceilings in the place you call home. Finally, the whole family dies and the cause of death is listed as unknown because no one thought or believed that the structure that protected the family from the elements, was their hidden enemy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the "home" that is the sovereign land that provides a sanctuary for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and protects you from all enemies, foreign and domestic, depends on the honor and capability of your government, which you elect. The blue print for governing the American government and the people is the U. S. Constitution. If somehow, over time, say like 100 years, a life or freedom-threatening "toxin" (Progressivism) is injected into that Constitution by the operation or corruption of government, if you are not cognizant of what is going on inside that operation, that insidious, slow releasing toxin will reach out and "touch" you while you were engaged in your "good" life and did nothing to meet the unseen threat. Since millions of Americans weren't paying attention, there was no way they could know that their freedom and even their lives were in peril.

All three of the scenarios we have presented here have happened in the past, are happening now and will happen in the future, if the people refuse to be aware of the "home" they live in and the potential threat that lies in wait to put them in chains, or take away their very lives. "The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that if the American people refuse to acknowledge all threats and prepare themselves to defend against them, they will become the victims of history repeating itself once again and future generations will chastise them for having not met the threats, notorious or hidden, with whatever weapons it takes to preserve freedom and life. With the past experience of the almost negligible impact of our articles, we also predict that this powerful message about confronting threats will mostly fall on deaf ears, that's if the reader even gets this far before dismissing the message.

Thomas Jefferson's admonition from over 200 years ago appearing at the beginning of this article, should have warned us to take the threat of government oppression seriously every day of our adult lives and prepare and act accordingly. Being the greedy, self-absorbed weaklings that way too many of us are and always succumbing to the siren call of "free stuff" from government in exchange for our votes, we did not heed and have ultimately ignored Jefferson's warning. Now we are faced either with slavery, or death unless we are prepared right now to meet this threat of oppression head-on with courage, conviction, commitment and force if necessary. To delay is to capitulate and to give in to the inevitable. As in the title to this article, there comes a time when you must face the threat to life and liberty. That time was several yesterday's ago.

If you do not believe that the threat of Jefferson's government oppression is upon us, you do not know history and you are living in an Alice in Wonderland, make believe, upside down world. One day, one of the three threats we have presented here will land on your doorstep, probably sooner than you think and you will have no means of defense to protect you, or your family, just like our story of the father that faced a masked gunman in his own home at the dinner table, with his lovely, adorable family and lost them all. If Americans do nothing, we could very well have our children taken away at gun point. Some already have.

Further, for Americans to willingly give up their guns in the face of rising government oppression just because government passed a law, borders on self-induced national, individual and sovereign suicide and removes the people's last remaining defense against a government who has lost all allegiance to the rule of law, the enumerated powers of the U. S. Constitution and the unalienable, individual, God-given rights of every American.

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