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Obama Pouncing

"Obama Couldn't Wait To Pounce!"
from - The Parallax Prophecies -
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
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"What evil lurks in the heart of a man,
Who plots the theft of liberty in his plan,
To rip to shreds the pillars of free men
By rendering them helpless,
With the stroke of his pen."

Ron Ewart

The young, immature lion, learning the skills of being a good predator, lunges at his prey too soon to make a successful kill and limps away hungry. Like the young lion, the immature and over-anxious Obama takes a giant leap to "kill" the fundamental part of our constitution that provides the teeth to blunt the very tyranny that Obama attempts to implement. Never letting a good tragedy go to waste, Obama couldn't wait to exploit the high emotion and drama of the Newtown, CT massacre, pounced on "gun control" with a vengeance and appointed all the gun control nuts he could find to a commission to divine a "solution" to gun violence. But hidden in his feigned outrage over Newtown was his real agenda, gun confiscation by legislation and dictatorial Executive Order, all the while thumbing his nose at the inviolate, God-given right of the people to defend themselves against criminals and tyrants, as history, once again, is well on its way to repeating itself.

Standing on the very pulpit that free men elected him to, with a backdrop of little children to appeal to man's irrational emotion, he sets about to make all Americans less free with a stroke of his pen. He sets about to strip man of his only power to confront tyranny, the gun, the only low-grade weapon that can kill from a distance. His arguments have been proven to be specious and his action is cloaked under a veil of deceit.

The irony is that every thing that Obama proposes as legislation and all of his Executive Orders that he says must be done to "protect the children", wouldn't have saved the 20 children and 6 adults at Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012. Nor would it have stopped the carnage in Aurora, CO; Tucson, AZ; or Fort Hood, where only a rifle was used in Aurora. In all three cases, handguns were used to perpetrate the massacres, including Aurora. It's never about guns, it's always about control.

Since winning a second term, Obama has taken on the demeanor of a King, knighted with the sword of fear, intimidation and abject ignorance of those who gave him his power. He lifts his arrogant nose in the air and challenges the other side to take him on, knowing that they have been weakened by the last election. With the mainstream media, academia and half the American people on his side and pumping him up, he struts around like the only rooster in a giant hen house. The not-too-bright “hens” love him. His strength lies, not in the power of his office or the foundation of his executive power, but in the ignorance of those who follow him like dazed, brainwashed groupies, groupies who get to vote, the very vote that gives him his power.

But like the bank robber who keeps robbing banks and eventually gets caught, Obama is beginning to let his narcissism and arrogance get the best of him. He is overreaching well beyond the Constitution and 23 Executive Orders and a draconian piece of gun confiscation legislation is a crystal clear window into who he really is. The chameleon will eventually return to his true color and Obama is beginning to molt the skin he has covered himself up with, to dupe the apathetic groupies. That skin that hides his true colors is beginning to fall away like the snake that sheds its skin in the heat of the desert. Those that prop Obama up will begin to abandon him as more of his evil materializes. The more he overreaches, the more he will molt and expose the monster that he is. It is quite possible he will not last a second term.

The forces that oppose him are gathering and closing in. A not-so-silent revolt is brewing across the prairies, the valleys, the mountains and on the seashore. The very thing that Obama and his Democrat minions want to stop has been spawned by their own actions, in a constant repeat of the history of gun control. The people are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers, as they do each time Democrats propose gun legislation, gun bans and gun registration. No matter how many laws he or the Congress pass, there will be that many more guns in the general population and that many more angry Americans who will defy Obama, the irreverent, irascible tyrant.

As government squeezes more and more, an equal and opposite reaction will and is taking place. Eventually, gun violence that we inflict on each other will be turned on government authority, as government increases its Gestapo- style enforcement of unconstitutional laws by fines, penalties and jail time. "The Parallax Prophecies" predicts that there will be more and more cases of frustrated citizens taking their pent up anger out on those they perceive to be the perpetrators of their problems ..... that being government at every level. We also predict that in some cases, it won't be one individual venting his anger, it will be groups and militias extracting their pound of flesh from a government that daily exceeds its constitutional limits and tightens the grip on men who will choose to be free rather than live as slaves, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, the cost will be high in lives and property as government responds violently to the growing resistance.

Court cases on questions involving his birth certificate, social security number and draft registration are starting to take hold. As Nixon paid a price for deceit, so too will Obama pay a price. He may be impeached or exposed as an illegal occupier of the presidency and removed from office. His legacy will not be that of a benefactor and champion of the middle class, but that of a tyrant beset with the lust for more and more power ..... by any means.

All men reveal themselves eventually and Obama, with a second term in his sights, is revealing himself with every single word out of his mouth, every single plan he has in store for the unwary to fundamentally transform America and every single stroke of his pen. All evil men usually pay a price, but the price they finally pay comes too late because good people always wait too long to expunge the tyrant.

The good people of Germany ignored Hitler and 60,000,000 people died needlessly because the German people allowed Hitler to strip them of their guns, their freedom, their dignity, their common sense and their sanity. Remember, Hitler surrounded himself with little children when he took the German people’s guns away. The good people ignored Stalin, they ignored Mao, they ignored Pol Pot and tens of millions died. Will millions have to die because the "good" people in America ignored the evil that is Obama and those of his ilk who would happily put you in chains? America and its freedom are the last great hope for the people of Planet Earth. If she dies, chaos will descend upon on all the land and seas of the third planet from the Sun and a thousand years could go by before freedom bubbles up from deepest part of the ocean ..... once again! The 300,000,000 guns that are in America may be the only thing that prevents America from going the way of all other Republics that believed in the individual, unalienable rights of free men, but let that freedom slip away in the fog of apathy, ignorance, compromise and eventual capitulation.

It is only through our strength and our freedom that will allow America to take the lead in defending free men and women against the coming hordes of Islam fanatics who intend to remove us from the face of the Earth by violence, brutality and savagery. If America is not free and not strong economically and militarily, Islam could very well be the dominating force over all living things that exist on the land and under the sea, for a thousand years.

Ladies and gentlemen, Obama couldn't wait to pounce on the opportunity that the tragedy in Newtown gave him. But in so doing he stripped one more layer of his outer skin to expose what he meant when he said just before being elected to president in 2008: "..... we have only five more days left before we can fundamentally transform America." He wasn't kidding. Obama has now taken his campaign organization for his second term, stripped it away from the Democrat National Party and is going to use it to shape public opinion in order to drive his fundamental transformation down our collective throats. While Conservatives moan and groan about losing the last election, Obama and his army of groupies plan and organize.

We will close with a statement in a recent e-mail from a Gordon Case, a statement we heartily agree with:

"What I do know is that whenever compromise is achieved it is liberty, individual rights and property that always suffer. Always without exception. It never goes in the other direction, ever. Liberty and property may suffer a little less but the march toward despotism is relentless as long as compromise is viewed as somehow noble and honorable, or an end unto itself."

Anyone, with any wisdom at all knows, that if you compromise with the devil, you sell your very soul. If Conservatives compromise on Obama's gun control, gun bans, or gun registration, or they compromise on more increases in taxes, or an increase in the debt limit without corresponding decreases in spending, or they compromise on immigration such that law breakers get a path to citizenship (amnesty), or they compromise on the nationalization of our health care system, or they compromise on UN-sponsored radical environmental and global warming laws; the rule of law, individual rights and property rights will be the only things that suffer. Each time conservatives compromise with the left, freedom and individual rights lose and growing enslavement wins, on our way to absolute despotism.

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