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By Ron Ewart
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Repeal Obama Care

We have been advocating for years that if the American people would just focus on ONE ISSUE that is representative of the destruction of America by this Administration and Congress, and they did so by the millions, that issue would be resolved in days. What if there was a petition calling for the immediate repeal of Obama care and 60,000,000 Americans signed that petition and all of those petitions ended up on the doorstep of the White House and the Capitol Building, what would be the result? Do you think something would change? You bet it would! Well there is such a petition. (see below)

But before we get to the actual petition, let us illustrate the power of focusing on one issue, with a short story we wrote several years ago, to see what happens when the people by the millions focus on one issue at a time and then win that issue. This story is about a father who wanted to turn his business over to one of his sons, but he didn't know which one. So he devised a test for each son to take. The one that passed the test would get to take over the business.

"We Must Break the Sticks, One-by-One"

There is a fairly well-known story about a father with three sons. The father is reaching a point in his life where he wants to pass on his successful business to one of his sons. In many cultures, the first born would get the job. But the father wanted to make sure that the business that he sweat blood and tears and slaved over for years and built up into a thriving enterprise, would survive his replacement. So the father devised a simple little test for each one of his sons to take, separately, without the other two sons being present.

He wrapped a bundle of kindling with a stout string to hold the bundle together. He then presented the bound bundle to the first son and told the son to break it. No matter how hard the first son tried, he could not break the bundle. The father then gave the bundle to his second son and asked that son to do the same, break the bundle. Again, the results were the same. The second son could not break the bundle either. So finally, feeling a little disappointed with his first two sons, the father gave the bundle to the third son and said break the bundle. The third son contemplated the bundle for a short while and then with great deliberation, took out a knife, cut the string and then commenced to break each kindling stick, one at a time. The third son got the job because he had the vision to think "out of the box"..

So much of life presents itself as a bundle of sticks. If we try to take on the whole bundle at one time, we find the task too daunting, get frustrated and turn away or give up. And so it is with our struggle to preserve, protect and defend freedom and liberty. The bundle we must break appears to be overwhelming, unless we take the bundle apart and start fixing (breaking) the "sticks", one-by-one. Even armed with this knowledge so many of us lament, "but there are so many 'sticks', how can we possibly break them all?" And indeed there are many "sticks". But if we don't start breaking the "sticks" right now, one-by-one, more will be added to the bundle until no matter how we try to take the bundle apart, no matter how many "sticks" we break, many more will be added to the bundle and the task becomes too difficult.

In our quest to return to freedom and liberty, each "stick" we break in the bundle must be a win for freedom and liberty, no matter how small. It must be a win that can survive in spite of all the other "sticks" that would tend to tear down that win. With one win (a broken stick) it will give us the motive and the incentive to break another stick and then another and another.

To give us any incentive at all to break the bundle, we must pick a "stick" that we can win and pounce on it with all the combined force of freedom lovers everywhere. We must break that "stick" once and for all. That first win will provide the incentive to take on the next "stick" and then the next and then the next.

In each community, each county, each state and finally all of America, we must find the "sticks" we can break that will give us a win, starting with one of the more simpler "sticks". Start with a restriction, a law, or an ordinance and work collectively to break (repeal) it. They (the government) won't be expecting you to fight and we have found that government backs up when vehemently confronted. Staircase off of that "win" to the next restriction, law or ordinance and repeal it. The strategy here is that people will join winners but they will shy away from, or ignore losers. Once engaged, you will find that freedom is infectious.

However, if you want to win, you have to want to win with every fiber of your body because the task is hard, dirty, sweaty and tedious and only a full press fight will secure a win. If you are comfortable and do not care about freedom and liberty, then there is no incentive or motivation to get your lips bloody in order to secure that win.

In the end, you either choose freedom and are willing to defend it, at whatever cost, or you choose enslavement. Hopefully, there will be enough of us that will choose freedom. But time is of the essence and "sticks" are continuously being added to the bundle ..... while we sleep.

Which brings us to the petition to repeal Obama Care. Obama care is a big "stick", as it has been passed into law and it impacts almost every American. However, this "stick" can be broken because the American people, in significant numbers, want to see Obama Care repealed and they will be only too willing to jump on any effort that would lead to repeal. We have created such an effort with our petition entitled:

"A Citizen Petition Calling for
the Immediate Repeal of the
"Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"
HR 3590
Also known as "OBAMA CARE"

You can access the petition on our website by clicking HERE

There you will find the language of the Petition, as well as information on how to print out the form and obtain signatures. If the petition goes viral, and it could, and millions of Americans signed the petition, and those petitions ended up on the doorstep of the White House and the Capitol Building, it could mean that hundreds of Democrats would jump ship on Obama Care to save their political careers. Coupled with the Republicans who were against Obama Care from the start, it would be repealed and the American people would have their first win in rolling back an Administration and a Congress that have lost all touch with the American people and have egregiously violated their solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help them God!

Sign the petition and collect signatures. Send a powerful message to Obama and Congress that they cannot ignore! It is WE THE PEOPLE that rule America, not some crazed inmates who have taken over the reins of power and plan to dismantle our cherished America, piece by piece. Freedom will prevail, or there will be Hell to pay.

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